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How To Enable iPhone Fast-Charging
Is your iPhone charging a bit too slowly for your liking? Then you might be interested to learn that you can actually fast-charge your iPhone if you don’t mind spending a little bit of money to get some additional accessories.

macOS 11.5.1, iOS 14.7.1 Will Patch A Critical Bug
As we have said before in the past, bugs in software is something that will always be around and that it will be close to impossible to squash all of them. Some bugs aren’t very dangerous, but there are times when bugs can be critical and could possibly result in security vulnerabilities being taken advantage of.

An iPhone 5s Won A Photography Award In 2021
The iPhone 5s was launched in 2013, which means that it is now 8 years old. Apple has come a long way since the iPhone 5s in terms of hardware performance, display technology, and of course, camera technology. Back then single-lens cameras were the norm, but these days, having 3-4 cameras on the back of a phone is par for the course.

Facebook Cloud Gaming Now Available On iPhones
The problem with games is that as technology gets more advanced, the requirements for these games get higher as well. This means that eventually your brand new top-of-the-line computer or phone will no longer be able to play certain games as smoothly as it used to back when it was still new.


iPhone 13 Could Come With Support For Faster Charging Speeds
These days, Android phones are coming with some pretty insane charging speeds. Take the recently announced OnePlus Nord  2, where despite it being a budget phone, it still supports the company’s 65W Warp Charge technology. This is versus Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 which only supports speeds up to 20W.

Analysts Confident That There Will Be A 1TB iPhone 13 Option
When it comes to built-in storage of phones, the most common we’ve seen is 512GB. Sure, there are some phones here and there that offer 1TB, but it’s pretty rare. However, Apple could potentially be joining that exclusive club this year with the iPhone 13, or so Wedbush analysts believe.

Apple Will Start Selling iPhones In LG’s Stores In Korea
After years and years of being in the business, LG announced earlier this year that they will be exiting the smartphone market. This is a pity as the company was responsible for creating some very unique and creative devices, and they were also expected to launch a phone with a rollable display later this year, but that will no longer happen.

iPhone 13 SE Expected In First Half Of 2022
The first iPhone SE was launched quite a while ago and for a moment, it seemed as though it was a short lived experiment and that Apple would not launch such a device again. However, that changed in 2020 when Apple launched a new model, and if you weren’t that impressed with the specs then, then maybe 2022’s model could be for you.

iPhone 13 Could Finally Come With An Always-On Display
Always-on displays can be found on some smartphone models, but not all of them. This is useful for looking at notifications at a glance without having to reach for your phone or tapping the display. If you’re a fan of the feature, you might be interested to learn that this could come to the iPhone 13.

iPhone Camera Detects Rare Eye Cancer In 3 Month Old Boy
The cameras on Apple’s iPhone have been very well-received. Maybe they aren’t necessarily the best of the best, but they have been very consistent in terms of quality, but here’s something that Apple might not necessarily have expected their cameras to be capable of doing, and what is detecting eye cancer.

Verizon And Mastercard Want To Turn Smartphones Into Payment Terminals
One of the problems faced by smaller businesses is how they accept payments. For some smaller businesses, they might not be able to accept payments other than cash, which can be a bit troublesome for their customers. However, Verizon and Mastercard have announced a partnership that could help out with that.

Soon You Won’t Even Need To Take Your iPhone Out Of Your Pocket To Unlock Your Car Door
One of the features Apple introduced back in 2020 was the ability for users to use their iPhones to unlock their car doors, assuming they had a compatible car model, of course. You would, however, need to take your iPhone out and hold it to the driver’s side door for it to work, which is fine.

Apple Officially Launches Its MagSafe Battery Pack
When Apple first announced MagSafe for the iPhone, accessory makers were quick to jump on the bandwagon, where one of them produced a battery pack that used MagSafe to not only connect and charge the iPhone, but it did so without the need for wires or a special case. It was later rumored that Apple could be working on something similar.

LiDAR Will Still Be Exclusive To The iPhone 13 Pro Models
Last year when Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, they introduced a LiDAR scanner to the Pro models. It was expected that the tech would eventually make its way to all the iPhone models this year, but now a report from Dylandkt on Twitter claims that LiDAR will continue to remain a “Pro” exclusive.

How To Measure Objects Or A Person's Height On iPhone
Did you know that your iPhone has a tool that helps you measure objects? If you find yourself without a measuring tape or if you simply need to quickly measure something in a pinch, this trick could be very useful.

This Is How The Brazilian iPhone Thieves Managed To Get Into The Bank Accounts Of Their Victims
You might recall that back in June, it was reported that iPhone thieves in Brazil found a more lucrative reason to stealing iPhones. They weren’t stealing iPhones just to resell them, but rather they were stealing iPhones and using it to get into the bank accounts of their victims, potentially netting them more money than reselling a stolen phone.

All iPhone 14 Models Will Sport 120Hz Displays
According to the rumors, Apple’s iPhones for 2021 are expected to come with displays that support 120Hz refresh rates. However, even then it is expected that probably only the Pro models will get the feature, which we guess is fair since Apple would want to give customers a better reason for choosing the more expensive Pro iPhones.

Leaked iPhone 13 Pro Case Suggests Larger Camera Modules
In terms of outward appearance, it is largely expected that the iPhone 13 series will look the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 12. However, there are going to be some subtle changes, one of which is the notch which is said to be smaller, and it also seems that the camera modules could be made bigger, but how much bigger, you ask?

6.7-inch iPhone Priced Under $900 Expected In 2022
Want the 6.7-inch iPhone? If you do, then you will need to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max which is priced starting at $1,100. This is a very expensive phone, but that’s the only choice you’ve got if you wanted a 6.7-inch iPhone. However, come 2022, that might be a different story, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

New iPhone WiFi Bug Can Only Be Fixed With A Factory Reset
Back in June, security researcher Carl Schou discovered a WiFi bug in iOS that when an iPhone connects to the network that uses a particular string of characters, it would disable the phone’s WiFi. Thankfully, this was more annoying than damaging and a reset of the iPhone’s network settings fixed the issue.