Details Of Apple’s 2019 iPhone Leaked

It is more or less a guarantee that Apple will be launching a new iPhone this year, but what can we expect from it? For the most part it’s easy to guess certain hardware specs, like the use of a new chipset presumably in the form of the A13 (the 2018 iPhones featured the use of the A12 Bionic).

The iPhone XS Battery Case Sort Of Works With The iPhone X

Yesterday Apple launched the Smart Battery Case for their 2018 iPhones. There was a model for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. Given that the iPhone XS and iPhone X share similar dimensions, it did not come as a surprise to learn that the case for the iPhone XS also fits the iPhone X.

Apple Targeting Owners Of Older iPhones With iPhone XR Emails

The iPhone XS and XS Max are just too damn expensive and Apple knows that. Why do we think that? Simply because according to a report from Reddit (via MacRumors), it appears that Apple is targeting owners of older iPhones with emails asking them to upgrade to the iPhone XR, the more affordable iPhone out of the trio of handsets the company launched last year.

Alleged Render Of 2019 iPhone Prototype Revealed

The other day a render surfaced which showed what the 2019 iPhone could look like. It featured a triple camera setup in a rather weird configuration. Now in a new render courtesy of the folks at and @OnLeaks, it gives us another look at what the 2019 iPhone could look like.


Apple’s New Smart Battery Cases For The iPhone Are Official

We have been hearing about Apple potentially launching a new Smart Battery Case for its iPhones. For those who wouldn’t mind the added battery life, you’ll be pleased to learn that the cases are now official and they have been launched with support for all three iPhones from 2018. This includes the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

HomePod & iPhones Can No Longer Play Different Apple Music Separately

Since we all have different tastes, you might be listening to one particular genre, your siblings might be listening to something else, your parents something else, and so on. This is normal. However it seems that unless you were to setup a family account for Apple Music, you won’t be able to play music separately on the iPhone and HomePod.

Apple Replaced 11 Million iPhone Batteries In 2018

Throughout the whole of last year, Apple ran their $29 battery replacement program which was the company’s way of apologizing for throttling iPhones without informing its users beforehand. The $29 price tag was $50 cheaper than what Apple would have normally charged, so it’s not surprising that many customers took them up on their offer.

Analyst Thinks Apple Needs To Make ‘Significant Price Cuts’

Apple’s iPhones in recent times have gone up in price by so much that the base flagship models are starting at $1,000. The iPhone XR on the other hand was meant to be positioned as the more affordable model, although at its current pricing where it is priced starting at $750, it doesn’t really quite feel that way.

Suspects Cannot Be Forced To Unlock iPhones With Face ID, Touch ID

Before biometric security features were used for our smartphones, most phones relied on security features like a passcode, or in the case of Android, a pattern unlock feature. It also presented certain legal conundrums as to whether or not suspects could be forced by the police to unlock their devices (no, they can’t).

Instagram Is Now Optimized For The iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max Again

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram issued an update that seemed to sort of “break” the app for iPhone XR and XS Max users. Basically due to some compatibility and crashing issues, Instagram had to roll back to an older version of Xcode that they used to compile the app, which turn meant that the app was on longer optimized for Apple’s larger iPhones.

Apple’s 5G iPhones Might Source Modems From Samsung Or MediaTek

While many other handset makers are expected to launch a 5G smartphone this year, Apple is expected to hold off until 2020. Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that we might be able to expect Apple’s 5G iPhones to source modems from either Samsung or MediaTek, and this is straight from Apple’s mouth.

2019 iPhones Might Adopt The Use Of WiFi 6

While on the surface the iPhone XS doesn’t seem too different compared to the iPhone X, there are changes made under the hood that some might not have noticed. For example Apple included three new radio technologies in which tests have found that it improved upon LTE speeds.

WSJ Thinks The iPhone Might Become Obsolete Like The Walkman

Apple has had success with a variety of products in its history, such as the colorful iMac G3, the iPod, and in recent years, the iPhone which helped the company grow to the point where for a brief moment in time, Apple was a trillion dollar company. However as the market matures and with competition coming out with cheaper and more value for money devices, it’s not surprising to see […]

New Report ‘Confirms’ iPhone With Triple Lens Setup For 2019

Considering that 2018 was the “S” year in iPhone refreshes, it is expected that this year’s iPhones will feature something new. Now last week there was a render that showed off the iPhone with a triple lens setup on the back, claiming that this could be a design that Apple will adopt for their 2019 flagships.