Check Out The iPhone’s Evolution Over The Years

Apple’s first iPhone was launched way back in 2007, which means that it is about 12 years old now. Naturally, over the years, the design and features of the handset has evolved to where we are today with the iPhone 11. While some might claim that the iPhone is no longer quite as exciting or innovative as before, this video could change your mind.

Qualcomm Might Have Confirmed That 5G iPhones Are Coming In 2020

Come 2020, Apple is finally expected to hop on board the 5G bandwagon, with some reports claiming as many as four 5G models. It was largely expected that the 5G iPhones would only arrive in 2021, but due to Apple coming to a settlement agreement with Qualcomm, this is said to facilitate the early arrival of 5G iPhones.

Man Shot In Cold Blood After Refusing To Unlock His iPhone

The majority of smartphones come with security features that encrypts the contents of the phone until it is unlocked. This unlock can come in the form of a PIN code, pattern unlock, or biometric unlocking. This helps prevent people from accessing your phone without your consent, and also potentially deters thieves and robbers.

How To Turn On Voice Control On The iPhone

With iOS 13, Apple introduced a newer and more robust form of Voice Control. This allows users to interact with their iOS devices without having to touch it, making it a great accessibility feature, and here’s how you can turn the feature on.


Apple’s 2020 iPhones Will Use 5nm Chipsets

For years, Apple has been working to build its chipsets using a smaller manufacturing process. The A13 chipset found in this year’s iPhones are built on the 7nm process, but if a report from Nikkei is to be believed, Apple’s 2020 iPhones could actually feature new chipsets that are built using the smaller 5nm process.

Apple Card Owners Can Soon Buy An iPhone In Monthly Installments With Zero Interest

Apple’s iPhones do not come cheap which is why buying it through a carrier on an installment plan can be rather appealing. However, if you’d rather not be tied to a carrier, Apple might have an alternative solution for you. During Apple’s earnings call, the company’s CEO Tim Cook announced that soon, Apple Card owners will be able to buy an iPhone via an installment plan.

Apple’s Next Trick Is To Let iPhone Users ‘Feel’ Through Their Displays

The smartphone market is a mature one and as such, with every new smartphone release, manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to make them more amazing. Instead, we are looking mostly at improvements to existing features, like better quality cameras, smarter cameras, and so on.

Apple Just Gave Away A Bunch Of iPhone 11s On The Ellen Show

Apple’s upcoming TV Plus service is expected to be launched soon. While it is a paid subscription, in a bid to get people to subscribe, Apple will be giving away a year’s subscription to those who purchase the company’s products, like its brand new iPhones, but what if you can’t get people to buy your phones?

2020 iPhones Could Finally Adopt The iPad Pro’s 120Hz ‘ProMotion’ Display

While Apple might have been the first to the market with a mobile device with a 120Hz display, Razer is the first company to bring a 120Hz display to a smartphone. It has long been speculated that Apple could eventually bring the iPad Pro’s 120Hz display to its iPhones, and it seems that the wait could be shorter than expected.

Future iPhones Could Adopt The Apple Watch’s Low-Power LTPO Display Technology

One of the biggest battery drains of our smartphones would be its display. This is why it has been advised that we don’t crank up the brightness of the display to the maximum. It is also why more companies are adopting OLED tech because unlike LCD, OLED has the potential to be more energy efficient as the individual pixels can be turned off when not in use (like in dark […]

iPhone 5 Not Updated To iOS 10.3.4 By November 3 Will Lose Some Online Functionality

The iPhone 5 was released back in 2012 which means that it is currently 7 years old. It also means that there is a very good chance that many iPhone 5 owners would have probably moved on to newer iPhones or other devices since, but at the same time, we get it, there are maybe a small handful of users who are still holding onto their phones.

Check Out The iPhone 11 Pro Go Up Against A $7,500 Professional DSLR Camera

Over the years and with every iteration, our smartphone cameras are growing more capable. However, will there ever come a day in which professional cameras could be replaced by smartphones? In a video uploaded by photographer Matti Haapoja, he decided to put that to the test by comparing photos taken by the iPhone 11 Pro against that of his Canon 1DX Mark II, a professional DSLR that costs $7,500.

iPhone 11 Accounted For 50% Of Apple’s New iPhone Sales

Last year Apple’s iPhone XR represented the bulk of iPhone sales. It was not surprising given that the iPhone XR was the cheapest option amongst the 2018 releases, while at the same time the differences in its specs wasn’t so great that users felt that they were giving up too much just to save some money.

Mophie Launches New Juice Pack Access iPhone 11 Battery Cases

With the new iPhones, Apple has boasted that they have improved on the battery life of the smartphone. Given that battery life has typically been one of the main criticisms of the iPhone in the past, but it looks like with the iPhone 11, Apple has finally delivered as reviews have praised the improvement in battery life.