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You Can Now Stream Xbox One Games To The iPhone Or iPad
If you own an Xbox One console and love the idea of being able to stream games from it to your iPhone or iPad, you’re in luck because Microsoft has since updated its Xbox app for iOS devices to enable game streaming. What this means is that you’ll be able to stream games from your Xbox One console to your iPhone or iPad and keep playing.

Peak Design Unveils New iPhone Cases And Mounts
Photographers are probably pretty familiar with Peak Design. For those who aren’t, Peak Design is a company that creates camera-related gear and accessories, whether it be backpacks or messenger bags designed to carry cameras, or a foldable tripod system, and now it looks like the company is back with its first ever iPhone accessories.

The First iPhone 12 Unboxing Videos Are Rolling In
The iPhone 12’s have been available for pre-order since last Friday, and it looks like some people are already starting to receive their units earlier than expected. As such, unboxing videos of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are starting to surface, with the first being uploaded by Ben Geskin.

Apple Will Enable 5G On Dual SIM iPhone 12s Later This Year
An earlier report revealed that based on Apple support documents, it was suggested that 5G on iPhone 12 might not work while dual SIMs are in use. This seemed like a rather strange thing because why wouldn’t it work, especially if the iPhone 12 already supports 5G on a hardware level, and if you’re subscribed to a 5G plan?


Don’t Break Your iPhone 12 Because It’s Going To Be Expensive
Apple’s iPhones are expensive which is why many take extra care of them by buying protective cases. Another reason for that is because when it comes to repairing the iPhone 12, it will not come cheap and will actually end up costing you more than if you were to repair an iPhone 11.

Don’t Edit iPhone Videos On Windows 10 Until You’ve Patched Your PC
There are plenty of iPhone users who are also Windows users, and as such, some of these users might actually be exporting their photos and videos onto their computers for backup or editing purposes. If you do export your iPhone videos to Windows 10 to edit them on your computer, don’t, at least not until you’ve downloaded the latest Windows 10 patch.

iPhone 12 Pre-Orders Appear To Have Beaten The iPhone 11
Many were understandably upset at the fact that Apple isn’t bundling accessories with its new iPhones, and the fact that the phones do not come with a 120Hz refresh rate display despite many Android competitors offering similar hardware features. However, it seems that despite the initial upset, many ended up pre-ordering the phones anyway.

iPhone 12 Running In Dual SIM Mode Might Not Support 5G
One of the features of Apple’s newer iPhones is that it supports dual SIM. One SIM card slot will be a physical one, and the other will be an e-SIM. This allows users to use two different SIM cards and numbers of a single device, making it ideal for separating work and personal, and also when traveling overseas.

iPhone 12 Mini Comes With A Pretty ‘Mini’ Battery
One of the new iPhones Apple announced at their iPhone event is the iPhone 12 mini. This is one of Apple’s cheapest flagship smartphones to date, and is also a throwback to the good old days when Apple used to make iPhones with small displays. However, it seems that if you were to choose the iPhone 12 mini, prepare to make some compromises.

The Next iPhone SE Might Only Arrive In 2022
It would seem that unlike Apple’s flagship iPhone models, the company does not have plans to refresh its iPhone SE series on an annual basis. A tweet by Ross Young of DisplaySearch and DSCC, he claims that the earliest we might be able to expect an iPhone SE refresh would be in 2022.

Under-Display Touch ID Will Eventually Come To The iPhone
While Apple’s Face ID pretty much works as advertised, there are times when using one’s fingerprint is much more efficient. This has led to some wondering if Apple could potentially implement both solutions in future iPhones. While Touch ID did not return in the iPhone 12, it has been rumored that this is a feature Apple is still looking to bring back.

iPhone 12 Pre-Orders Sold Out In Minutes In Taiwan
When the iPhone 12s were announced, Apple broke up the phones into two phases – the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro would be going on sale first, followed by the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max that will be coming in November. Over in Taiwan, it seems that local telcos have started accepting pre-orders and they sold out in minutes.

iPhone 12 Pro’s A14 Chipset Shows Massive Improvements Over The A13
Obviously with every iPhone upgrade, we expect that performance will improve over its predecessor. With the iPhone 12, Apple has equipped it with the A14 Bionic chipset that many expect will also make an appearance in the company’s Apple Silicon powered Mac computers, so the question is, is the iPhone 12 potentially as powerful as a laptop or desktop?

Samsung Mocks Apple For Ditching The iPhone’s Power Adapter
When Apple announced the iPhone 12, they confirmed that they will not be bundling a power adapter for its new iPhones. It did not take long for Apple’s long-time rival Samsung to say something about it, which they did in a post on Facebook where they mocked the lack of a power adapter in the new iPhones.