CEATEC Japan 2012 – Day 1 Round-up

[CEATEC 2012] We are covering CEATEC, Japan’s largest consumer electronics show, until October 6, and Hubert Nguyen, Ubergizmo’s co-founder, is a judge for the Innovation Awards there. So far, we have seen a number of exciting new technologies from the leading consumer electronics companies exhibiting at the show.

From the Docomo Shabette Robot to the Sharp 6.1-inch / 498 ppi smartphone display or the Toshiba 4K Regza HDTVs and the Toyota Smart INSECT automated vehicle, the list of the latest and greatest innovations coming from Japan is quite impressive. See below a round-up of our CEATEC articles or you can go directly to our CEATEC page.

Toshiba pushes 4K REGZA HDTVs at CEATEC 2012
Murata Electric Walking Assist Car isn’t really a car
Pioneer Augmented Reality Heads Up Display
Totsy MRobo dancing robot is no legend
Fujitsu brings pet care to the cloud
Sharp 6.1-inch IGZO display has 498ppi, WQXGA resolution
KDDI palm authentication app
Sharp 5-inch Igzo Full HD LCD panel
Docomo Shabette Robo keeps you in the know
Docomo helps commuters with one-handed smartphone/tablet use
Docomo works on video-calls for glasses-shaped phones

Photo courtesy of Franck Lassagne / Giiks

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