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Murata walking measurement system integrated into ‘smart shoes’
[CEATEC 2012] We have seen how Murata intends to help the elderly and infirmed get around more independently in a safer manner via the Electric Walking Assist Car, but here is another device that will target the more able-bodied – a pressure sensor and wireless module that has been embedded into the sole of a pair of shoes, resulting in a walking measurement system to create what some might deem […]

Muscle Suits make heavy lifting easier
[CEATEC 2012] While humans have been lifting heavy objects with the aid of machinery for many years now, it’s usually through someone sitting behind the controls of a machine. And even though they’re usually effective, such machines to can be imprecise or impractical in certain situations (i.e. lifting objects in small, enclosed areas). However, with all the advancements in technology, we’re getting closer to a solution that works in such situations – […]

Panasonic AX Series Windows 8 Ultrabook (gallery)
[CEATEC 2012] Windows 8 is just around the corner, and it’s no surprise that here at CEATEC 2012 we’re seeing tons of laptops and tablets running on the operating system. Panasonic is one of the manufacturers that will be competing for your dollar bills when Windows 8 goes on sale, and at their exhibition booth we managed to catch a glimpse of its AX Series ultrabooks. What’s neat about these […]

CEATEC Innovation Awards 2012
[CEATEC 2012] we’re at the zenith of the CEATEC Japan 2012 shows which is one of the largest electronics trade show in East Asia, as a panel of journalists gave the CEATEC Innovation Awards to exhibitors. Ubergizmo’s co-founder Hubert Nguyen is part of the journalist panel. Here are the winners for 2012:The CEATEC Innovation Awards Grand Prix goes to NTT Docomo for their work on the Docomo Translation Appli (“appli” stands for “app” in […]


Tosy mRobo dancing robot
[CEATEC 2012] At CES 2012 earlier this year, a prototype of the Tosy mRobo dancing robot was spotted, where it came in the form of a boombox that could “transform” into a small humanoid form factor, grooving to the kind of music that is being played back over its internal speaker. Well, CEATEC 2012 saw the Tosy mRobo dancing robot make an appearance, where this portable speaker was paraded to […]

CEATEC Japan 2012 – Day 2 Round-up
[CEATEC 2012] We are covering CEATEC, Japan’s largest consumer electronics show, until October 6, and Hubert Nguyen, Ubergizmo’s co-founder, is a judge for the Innovation Awards there.Today, we got our hands on impressive new devices and saw cool demos, such as the Docomo language translator for Android, the NEC Medias Tab  “lightest” 7” tablet in the world” or the Nissan automated driving vehicle prototype.Check all our CEATEC articles on this page, […]

Panasonic shows off foldable Windows 8 Ultrabook
[CEATEC 2012] A number of vendors have taken the opportunity of CEATEC this year to show off their up and coming products. While the predominant focus seems set on presenting different cutting-edge technologies, there are many who have unveiled products such as tablets and ultrabooks.Among these is Panasonic who has taken the chance to showcase a new AX series Ultrabook. It is a Windows 8 Ultrabook which features an 11.6-inch […]

Sharp motheye technology fights glare
[CEATEC 2012] When choosing to buy a display, one of the factors consumers have to decide is whether they want a screen with higher contrast and lower glare or vice versa. Well, it looks like Sharp has got a solution to the problem with its new glass panel technology called motheye. As the name implies, it was inspired by a moth’s eye – which is said to have properties that […]

NEC Medias Tab UL N08-D tablet claims to be lightest 7" tablet in the world
[CEATEC 2012] Here is another superlative attached to a tablet from Japanese company NEC – the NEC Medias Tab UL N08-D tablet, which is touted to be the lightest in the world, at least for the 7″ tablet category. Underneath the hood would be Qualcomm’s SnapDragon S4 Plus Krait mobile processor that ought to be speedy enough to get most of the work done, where the NEC Medias Tab UL […]

ROHM CIGS near-infrared see-through image sensor
[CEATEC 2012] The ROHM CIGS (Copper indium gallium (di)selenide) Near-Infrared sensor provides the ability to see  near-infrared light waves that are normally invisible to the naked eye. By capturing near-infrared light, it is possible to see through layers of matter without having to use harmful radiations like X-rays. In some ways, it is similar to techniques used to observe space through thick clouds of dust.

Panasonic Smart Apps aim to make life easier
[CEATEC 2012] Thanks to all the advancements in technology, our daily lives are becoming more and more sophisticated. What we used to fantasized about has now turned into reality for a lot of us. While some of us are happy with what we have right now, companies aren’t stopping just yet. Panasonic has an idea of what it wants our lives to be like, and at CEATEC, the company unveiled […]

Docomo language translator for Android is impressive
[CEATEC 2012] Last year, Docomo launched its menu translation app, but this year, their translation application can handle two use cases: conversations over the phone, and conversation side by side with someone speaking another language. At CEATEC 2012, we had an opportunity to try the conversation mode at CEATEC, and it worked quite well.The concept is simple: two people speaking different language can communicate on a turn-by-turn basis, and the […]

Asukanet Aerial Imaging (AI) Plate
At CEATEC 2012, we’ve had the opportunity to see the Asukanet AI Plate for ourselves as the company had built a live demo in their booth. The overall idea of the AI (Aerial Imaging) Plate is to project an image that looks like it is floating in the air – you know, star wars style. According to the Asukanet representative, the intended first use is advertising in shopping malls. Customers […]

NEC LED with built-in speaker gives you music from above
[CEATEC 2012] While everybody wants to have an audio system at home, not everyone can afford the space to have one – especially if they live in a tiny place. Well, the folks over at NEC have come up with a solution: by placing a speaker in its lights. The speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity, which can then be paired up with your smartphone/MP3 player/tablet to stream music from it. There’s no […]

Fujitsu Gaze Detection Technology lets you stare and use the PC
[CEATEC 2012] If you have ever wished that you could stare at your screen all day while it finishes your work for you, it looks like we’re a step closer to that happening. The folks over at Fujitsu have come up with a new technology that can help turn your fantasy into a reality. Called Gaze Detection Technology, it will allow PC users to control some functions of the computer […]

Clarion Next GATE to bring Android support
[CEATEC 2012] Clarion announced its Next GATE in-car navigation devices earlier this year, but left out a lot of consumers when they decided to make it iPhone-only. However, it looks like that might not be a limitation anymore. At CEATEC 2012, Clarion showed off a new Next GATE devices that features Android support. While there wasn’t a working model to play around with, it looks like it has all the […]

Nissan prototype NSC-2015 demonstrated at CEATEC
[CEATEC 2012] At CEATEC this year, Nissan unveiled its automated driving vehicle – the NSC-2015, an electric vehicle that can drive itself without anyone behind the wheel. It features a remote monitoring system that recognizes the surrounding environment through the use of an all-around view camera and 4G connectivity. Instead of only relying on GPS to pinpoint the car’s location, the cameras allow the car to recognize its surrounding environment […]

Robots wields a paint brush masterfully
[CEATEC 2012] If there is one challenging thing about programming the hand of a robot, it would be the artificial intelligence required for it to figure out just the right amount of pressure to apply to say, an egg, or when it is holding a child, or the frail arm of an elderly person, as opposed to a piece of iron or an axe that it wants to swing around. […]

CEATEC Japan 2012 - Day 1 Round-up
[CEATEC 2012] We are covering CEATEC, Japan’s largest consumer electronics show, until October 6, and Hubert Nguyen, Ubergizmo’s co-founder, is a judge for the Innovation Awards there. So far, we have seen a number of exciting new technologies from the leading consumer electronics companies exhibiting at the show.From the Docomo Shabette Robot to the Sharp 6.1-inch / 498 ppi smartphone display or the Toshiba 4K Regza HDTVs and the Toyota […]

Clarion full digital speakers are power savers for your vehicle
[CEATEC 2012] If you’ve got a nice and loud audio system set up in your car, and you’re looking for a way to keep the same audio output capabilities without the need for an additional car battery – you’re in luck. Clarion recently announced the launch of its full digital speakers for vehicles. Brand new high performance speakers that are touted to produce lossless quality digital audio, at the fraction of […]