It does seem as though there are plenty of raw wounds on the minds of Linux-Wine users who play Diablo 3, as they are still being hammered, so to speak, by Blizzard’s auto-ban service. Some WineHQ forums have already seen a bunch of Linux users complaining about their current auto-ban situation, which actually went into effect a few weeks after Linux users started to play the game. Of course, there are two sides to a coin, and many readers who took sides with Blizzard claimed that the video game company was just banning cheaters, and but there has not been any concrete evidence supplied by Blizzard to confirm that the auto-bans which took place was a result of direct service exploitation. To put it in plain English, there was no admission on Blizzard’s side folks playing Diablo 3 on Linux-Wine were caught cheating.

What do you make of the entire situation? Do you think Blizzard needs to look into the entire context and rethink their next step?

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