Flexible displays are not a new idea – they have been cited, times and again, in different design concepts. However, so far, we haven’t seen a commercially available product which features a flexible display. Futaba may be planning to change this by showing off a watch with a flexible OLED screen.

The company showcased the concept watch at CEATEC this year and from the looks of it, it has a very impressive, bright display. The big question, of course, is that how commercially viable such a watch is going to be.

For now, this is a concept watch. The display packs a resolution of 256 x 65 which may sound very humble in the days of Retina displays but then, let’s not forget that its a tiny display of 3.5-inches on a wrist-watch that we are talking about.

Moreover, the watch is super-slim at thickness of merely 0.2mm. Futaba showed off a prototype at the event but the watch was being powered up through an external circuit which, of course, can’t be the case for an actual product. The company didn’t reveal how will it integrate the functionality provided by this circuitry within the tiny watch while retaining its slim profile. There are no news as to when Futaba may launch it as a commercial product, something we suspect is still quite a while away.

Image Courtesy: Slashgear

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