If you remember web-based mail services of old such as Hotmail, Lycos and Yahoo, then you would realize how different things were back in the day, and searching for information was not that easy. Along came Google who changed the search landscape just about forever, and their Gmail service is definitely worth having for anyone who wants to locate their lost emails in a jiffy. Since August, Google apparently opened a field trial that enabled one to sign up in order to retrieve information from Gmail straight from the Google search box itself. The feedback has been more positive than negative, and from today onwards, everyone and their dog are able to sign up for a new and expanded field trial so that you can locate your stuff across Google.

In Gmail, as you start to type your search parameters into the search box, your eyes should start to see relevant emails from Gmail in addition to results from Google Drive, and Google Calendar amongst others, now how neat is that? You can sign up here if interested.

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