Google must have felt hurt with Apple rolling out their very own Maps app on the iOS 6 platform, ditching the traditional Google Maps solution along the way. Although Apple’s Maps app is far from perfect and still has plenty of work to be done for it to be remotely useful to the end user, Google is all too wary of the possibility that they remain complacent, hence the latest update to Google Maps saw an additional 25 million building footprints being thrown into the database for an even more detailed and comprehensive navigational experience.

The new building footprints were said to have been created by a computer, and this very same computer processed actual aerial imagery as well as rendered the shapes of buildings in the maps itself. User contributions are very much welcome as well, where they can help out by fixing inaccurate building footprints in Google Map Maker, in addition to assigning businesses to current buildings.Heck, one can even draw up the whole building footprints themselves. Would you contribute to Google Maps in your very own way?

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