Americans might be up in arms after hearing that the federal court has taken sides with the Justice Department on enabling police to use concealed surveillance cameras on private property, and they are able to do so without having to have a search warrant in the first place. U.S. District Judge William Griesbach ruled that this was a reasonable thing for Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents to enter rural property without prior permission nor a warrant, installing multiple “covert digital surveillance cameras” as they hope to discover and record evidence of 30 to 40 marijuana plants being cultivated.

So much for the law protecting Americans’ privacy rights, as Big Brother now has a carte blanche to monitor our activities – whether we know it or not, and obviously, those of us who prefer to prance around in our birthday suits in the privacy of our own homes might want to think twice, as you can never quite tell just when it becomes illegal to cultivate a row of miniature cactii on your window shelf. At least there is no ruling yet on warrantless cell phone tracking – yet.

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