You know why soldiers on the ground need to be so buffed up and fit? Well, not only do they need to make sure they are the toughest and meanest looking folks on the battlefield, there is also a whole lot of gadgets and equipment that they will need to carry in combat, so not having that rippling six pack is going to work against you. Researchers have a soft spot for the men and women serving our country on the frontlines, coming up with a prototype Wyss suit for battlefield personnel that enables them to walk longer than ever while resisting the incidences of injuries. How is this made possible? Part of DARPA’s Warrior Web program, a contract worth $2.6 million has been awarded to them to develop a “wearable system that would potentially delay the onset of fatigue, enabling soldiers to walk longer distances, and also potentially improve the body’s resistance to injuries while carrying loads.”

The Wyss suit remains a concept as at press time, and there is still a long road ahead before it becomes viable in the flesh, such as overcoming the battery issue. The thing is, the final suit will hopefully be soft as well as flexible, working alongside the soldiers’ bodies instead of adding additional gear and bulk to their already burdened frames.

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