[CEATEC 2012] In 2011, KDDI showed off the world’s first speaker-less smartphone – a device which made use of Smart Sonic Receiver technology to allow users to have phone calls even in noisy locations. For those not in the know, the Smart Sonic Receiver (which will be built into phones) converts sounds into vibration – not unlike bone-conduction audio devices. Well, it looks like this year KDDI has decided to upgrade it. Keeping the elderly and other folks with hearing problems in mind, KDDI has implemented support for users who wear hearing aids as well. As we mentioned in our hands-on last year, the audio wasn’t too loud even though it was audible but this time around, KDDI has improved it by introducing a frequency equalizer. The Smart Sonic Receiver’s equalizer allows users to adjust the frequency of the vibration emitted from the device. Users can increase or lower the frequency until it’s in a range that is easier for them to hear (i.e. older folks usually have trouble listening to high frequency sounds).

With this technology, phones won’t need conventional speakers to function which can lead to slimmer and even better waterproof devices. Not to mention, phones do look a lot sleeker without the speaker slot we’re so used to seeing in nowadays. However we’ll just have to wait and see if this technology will catch on in the future. What do you think?

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