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New Infobar Smartphone From Au By KDDI
If there is one thing that the Japanese love, it would be this – to be able to bring both form and function into a single device. Mobile carrier au by KDDI has been working on its fair amount of good looking handsets for a long time now, and in their latest version that hails from the A series would be the A03, which is definitely easy on the eyes […]

LG Fx0 Firefox OS Smartphone Announced In Japan
It was earlier this morning that we picked up word on the radar that KDDI of Japan has announced its very first smartphone that will run on the Firefox OS platform as opposed to the other more popular choices that are readily available – iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The handset in question? The KDDI Fx0, which so happens to have been manufactured by the folks over at LG.

Japanese Carrier KDDI Has No Windows Phone Plans This Year
Back in April we reported that according to recent numbers offered by Kantar, it seems as though there is slight growth in Japan for Windows Phone. Granted the growth did not even break 1%, it was still interesting to see a jump from 0.3% to 0.9%, suggesting that there could be minute interest in the Windows Phone platform over in the country.Unfortunately it looks like Japanese carrier, KDDI, will not […]

KDDI Introduces On-Demand Gaming Service
KDDI, the Japanese cable provider has just launched an on-demand gaming service. This particular on-demand gaming service will be able to stream the likes of famous titles from the gaming realm, where they would include Pro Evolution Soccer, World Rally Championship 3 as well as Sonic Adventure DX. This particular idea will run on the app-based GameNow service, albeit via cable. In fact, it would be the very same company […]


KDDI Winter Smartphone Range Sees LG isai, Fujitsu Arrows Z, Kyocera Digno M, And Sharp Aquos Series Debut
Who would have thought that one of these days, smartphones would have ended up like fashion statements, where there are actually phones released just in time for the winter season to match a drab colored wardrobe? Well, that seems to be the case with KDDI who has just revealed that they will be offering a bunch of new smartphones, with the LG isai leading the way. The LG isai will […]

Japan's KDDI Smart Pass App Subscription Service Is A Hit
In the world of wireless carriers, “differentiation” is the holy grail when it comes to selling what appears like a commodity: wireless communications. Since this is one of the largest industries in the world (the top 10 carriers generate $202B annually), wireless carriers enjoy revenues and margins that are relatively comfortable, and one of their biggest fear is to be turned into a “dumb pipe” with prices eternally going down […]

Sony SOL22 Gains FCC Approval For AU By KDDI
Another smartphone bound for the Japan market, the Sony SOL22, has picked up FCC approval.

iPhone 5S Spotted In Leaked KDDI Documents
It is widely rumored that the next generation iPhone smartphone would follow Apple’s tried and tested naming convention, where after the iPhone 5, one would find the iPhone 5S, before the iPhone 6 hits the market, of course. Well, news and whispers of delays of the iPhone 5S have been going around, with some of them touting the challenges that arose in implementing fingerprint technology for the device, but a […]

NTT DoCoMo blames iPhone 5 for loss of subscribers
Despite how some might feel about Apple’s iPhone, it’s still a pretty hot product and having it on your network would most certainly give customers a reason to sign up with you. Apparently that has been the case over in the Japan as Japanese carrier, NTT DoCoMo, has blamed the iPhone for the loss of some of its customers, whereby they have reportedly lost about 40,800 subscribers to its network […]

KDDI upgrades its Smart Sonic Receiver
[CEATEC 2012] In 2011, KDDI showed off the world’s first speaker-less smartphone – a device which made use of Smart Sonic Receiver technology to allow users to have phone calls even in noisy locations. For those not in the know, the Smart Sonic Receiver (which will be built into phones) converts sounds into vibration – not unlike bone-conduction audio devices. Well, it looks like this year KDDI has decided to upgrade it. […]

KDDI palm authentication app
[CEATEC 2012] They say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to data security in the digital world, you can more or less classify using traditional passwords as archaic. Biometric security has been around for some time already, but even so that is not 100% foolproof. Well, KDDI might be on to something here with their palm authentication app which runs on […]

KDDI iida concept smartphone features a manually wound clock
If you love concept phones, then you might want to take a look at what KDDI has recently unveiled. Falling under KDDI’s iida series of Android smartphones, this particular concept was cooked up by Jamie Hayon and keeping to the style of KDDI’s somewhat outlandish designs, this particular iida concept is no different. As you can see in the rendering above, the design of the device features a rubberized body […]

KDDI pushes ads onto Android devices
While this news doesn’t affect us directly, it looks some folks in Japan have it bad with the carrier KDDI. It has been reported that the carrier recently started pushing adverts directly to Android devices of its customers after a recent update. And while some people might not mind the presence of adverts on their phones, most of them probably do but have no way of disabling it themselves (we’re […]