kddi-game-streamKDDI, the Japanese cable provider has just launched an on-demand gaming service. This particular on-demand gaming service will be able to stream the likes of famous titles from the gaming realm, where they would include Pro Evolution Soccer, World Rally Championship 3 as well as Sonic Adventure DX. This particular idea will run on the app-based GameNow service, albeit via cable. In fact, it would be the very same company that is behind LG’s Smart TV game service, although it does seem as though J:Com and JCN cable subscribers will be unable to enjoy the kind of titles that are on par with Devil May Cry 4 and Dead Rising 2 at this point in time.

With limited quality in the titles, one can more or less expect puzzle and sports games to take the center stage. KDDI’s Smart TV Box might have been launched a couple of years ago, but their spanking new gaming service will actually go live from next month onward. Better late than never, and who would have thought that one day in the future, we might actually be able to enjoy video games in the living room because of streaming technology, and not having to rely on a cartridge or DVD? [Press Release]

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