Those of us who follow the tablet industry closely would know that Microsoft is gearing up both of their highly anticipated Surface tablets sometime before the year is over, with other sources touting an October release date in tandem with the Windows 8 operating system release. Well, reader Yoni Heisler shared this seemingly bizarre advertisement that more or less depicts both of Microsoft’s upcoming tablets, plastered at the side wall of a car wash in Chicago.

Surely this could be a clever piece of street art, as it definitely does not seem to smell like Microsoft at all, having a coffer that is filled to the brim with billions of dollars, only to fall back upon a rather unconventional way of advertising an upcoming device. Perhaps Microsoft has decided to go down the path of guerilla style marketing. After all, guys who send their rides to the car wash in that area will most probably walk around to stretch their legs a bit while waiting for the job to be complete, and surely they would not miss such a different marketing campaign that touts both Surface tablets from Microsoft. There’s no shame in going old school, you know.

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