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Microsoft Surface 4 Launched With Intel And AMD Processor Options
When it comes to building computers, we usually have a choice between Intel and AMD. Both have their pros and cons, although usually when it comes to prebuilts, a lot of companies tend to offer Intel only. However, if you’re looking for an AMD powered computer, then Microsoft has you covered.

Surface Laptop 4 Could Sport AMD Processors Across The Board
Intel processors are found on pretty much the majority of laptops out there, but when it comes to AMD, your choices are considerably less. However, that could change with Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Laptop 4 computers, at least that’s according to a report from WinFuture who have leaked the alleged specs of the laptops.

Microsoft Takes Aim At Apple In New Surface Pro 7 Ad
Microsoft and Apple’s rivalry dates back decades, even though Microsoft did help Apple through a tough time when Microsoft’s then-CEO, Bill Gates, bought $150 million worth of non-voting shares of Apple, and also gave them free-access to use Microsoft Office on Apple’s Mac computers.

Microsoft Could Be Making A More Affordable Surface Laptop
Microsoft’s Surface Laptops don’t exactly come cheap, but for those who love the Surface brand and would love to get their hands on a Surface Laptop that’s more affordable, you could be in luck. According to a report from Windows Central, they have heard from their sources that Microsoft is apparently developing a more affordable Surface Laptop.


Microsoft’s Next Surface Pro Could Be Powered By Solar Energy
Solar energy is a great idea as it means that we don’t need to draw from our finite resources. However, apart from it being used to power homes and offices, we haven’t really seen it make its way into consumer electronics, at least not in a very big way, but Microsoft could be looking to change that.

Microsoft Unveiled A New Lineup Of Surface Laptops
Today, at Microsoft’s 2019 Surface event, a new series of surface laptops were announced. There wasn’t just a single Microsoft Surface laptop but three new devices launched.The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, Pro 7, and the Pro X – these are the new products revealed today.It seems that the Pro X, the Pro 7 and the surface 3 targets the competitive market with its pricing (which we’ve discussed below).For the Surface […]

Microsoft Reportedly Showing Employees A Dual-Screen Surface Device
It has been rumored quite a few times that Microsoft has been working on a dual-screen Surface device. According to a new report, Microsoft has started showing employees such a device internally. The company reportedly held an internal event where employees were shown the device as a teaser for what’s to come in the future for the Surface lineup.

Microsoft Says That Its Surface Lineup Is Here To Stay
Like many companies, Microsoft creates many products and services over the years. Some of them work out, some of them don’t, like the company’s attempts at trying to break into the mobile space with its Windows Phone platform. However if there is one product lineup the company seems pretty confident about, it would be its Surface lineup.

Some Surface Pro 4 Units Are Being Replaced After Failed Firmware Update
We’ve seen instances in the past where an update to a device has caused problems, although usually this can be fixed by issuing another update that addresses the issue. However it’s not often that we come across updates that actually render the device unusable to the point where they might need replacing.

China To Get Exclusive Pink Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
About a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft launched the Surface Laptop 2. This is the latest laptop from Microsoft and it comes in a new matte black finish. However it seems that over in China, Microsoft has prepared an exclusive color in the form of pink, which we can only assume will appeal to customers in that region.

Microsoft Could Be Working On A Modular Surface PC
As far as Surface computer products are concerned, we’ve seen the Surface Pro, the Surface Laptop, and the Surface Studio, all of which are pretty fixed in terms of their components which makes upgrading them impossible. However it seems that there could be a future in which we might see a modular Surface PC.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Announced
In case hybrid devices like the Surface Pro aren’t really for you and you’re still hankering for a “proper” laptop, then you’ll be interested to learn that Microsoft has since announced its latest Windows 10 laptop in the form of the Surface Laptop 2, the successor to last year’s Surface Laptop.

Microsoft Launches Noise-Cancelling Surface Headphones
Microsoft is a company known primarily for their software such as Windows and Office, and to a certain extent hardware as well, such as with their Surface lineup of computers and tablets. However it seems that Microsoft is now branching into audio devices as the company has officially announced the Surface Headphones.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Officially Announced
When it comes to all-in-one (AIO) desktop systems, there are plenty of options out there. However if you wanted an AIO system that could also double as a massive drawing tablet, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has officially announced the Surface Studio 2, which Microsoft is claiming to be the most powerful Surface device they’ve ever built.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Unveiled In New Matte Black Finish
If a sleek and stealthy black looking Surface device was something you’ve always thought that Microsoft should have launched, you might have been excited when you saw the leak of a black Surface tablet. The good news is that the leaks are accurate because Microsoft has since officially unveiled its new Surface Pro 6 tablet which now comes in a matte black finish.

Microsoft Also Inviting Windows Insiders To Upcoming Surface Event
Microsoft recently started sending out invites for an upcoming Surface event on October 2nd. The company is expected to unveil new Surface devices at the event. Microsoft is also sending invites to some members of its Windows Insiders program this time around, they will be able to attend its next hardware event in the coming month.

Microsoft's New Surface Tablet May Be Available For Purchase This Friday
Microsoft is expected to make a Surface-related announcement tomorrow. It has posted a teaser on the official Surface Twitter account which hints at the possibility of a new product launch. If recent reports are to be believed, the highly anticipated cheaper Surface tablet may finally be launched tomorrow. Some evidence has surfaced to suggest that the new Surface tablet may be available for purchase starting this Friday so there might […]

Microsoft Is Teasing A New Surface Announcement For Tomorrow
Microsoft has published a cryptic teaser on its official Twitter account which suggests that the company may be unveiling a new Surface device tomorrow. There have been reports recently that the company has developed a cheaper Surface tablet to take on the likes of the iPad. There’s a possibility that this much-rumored Surface device may be launched tomorrow.

Cheaper Surface Tablet To Feature Less Powerful Intel Chips
It was reported a couple of months ago that Microsoft is developing a cheaper lineup of Surface tablets to take on the iPad. Even though they are expected to cost around $400, they’re going to offer the full Windows 10 experience. A new report claims that the cheaper Surface tablets will feature less powerful Intel chips, they’ll have Pentium processors instead of the Core i5 and Core i7 chips offered […]

Microsoft's Cheaper Surface Tablet May Launch Soon
It was reported earlier this year that Microsoft is working on a cheaper Surface-branded tablet to properly compete against the iPad. The tablet is expected to cost around $400. It appears that the cheaper Surface tablet may be launched soon as it has now gained its FCC certification.