Microsoft Also Inviting Windows Insiders To Upcoming Surface Event

Microsoft recently started sending out invites for an upcoming Surface event on October 2nd. The company is expected to unveil new Surface devices at the event. Microsoft is also sending invites to some members of its Windows Insiders program this time around, they will be able to attend its next hardware event in the coming month.

Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet May Be Available For Purchase This Friday

Microsoft is expected to make a Surface-related announcement tomorrow. It has posted a teaser on the official Surface Twitter account which hints at the possibility of a new product launch. If recent reports are to be believed, the highly anticipated cheaper Surface tablet may finally be launched tomorrow. Some evidence has surfaced to suggest that the new Surface tablet may be available for purchase starting this Friday so there might […]

Microsoft Is Teasing A New Surface Announcement For Tomorrow

Microsoft has published a cryptic teaser on its official Twitter account which suggests that the company may be unveiling a new Surface device tomorrow. There have been reports recently that the company has developed a cheaper Surface tablet to take on the likes of the iPad. There’s a possibility that this much-rumored Surface device may be launched tomorrow.

Cheaper Surface Tablet To Feature Less Powerful Intel Chips

It was reported a couple of months ago that Microsoft is developing a cheaper lineup of Surface tablets to take on the iPad. Even though they are expected to cost around $400, they’re going to offer the full Windows 10 experience. A new report claims that the cheaper Surface tablets will feature less powerful Intel chips, they’ll have Pentium processors instead of the Core i5 and Core i7 chips offered […]


Microsoft’s Cheaper Surface Tablet May Launch Soon

It was reported earlier this year that Microsoft is working on a cheaper Surface-branded tablet to properly compete against the iPad. The tablet is expected to cost around $400. It appears that the cheaper Surface tablet may be launched soon as it has now gained its FCC certification.

Microsoft Reportedly Developing Budget Surface Tablets

Microsoft has seen considerable success with its Windows-powered Surface tablets but it would be a stretch to say that the models it has released so far have been affordably priced. That might change in the future if a new report is to be believed as Microsoft is reportedly developing a budget lineup of Surface tablets to compete with low-cost iPad options from Apple.

Microsoft Abandoning Surface Hardware Is Just A ‘Tabloid Rumor’

An executive for Microsoft recently reiterated that Windows 10 Mobile hardware is no longer an area of focus for the company. It’s not like this was a secret to begin with. The company hasn’t launched any new Windows 10 Mobile hardware for a long time now and neither have any of its OEM partners. However, this led to some predictions that Microsoft’s Surface hardware lineup could eventually meet the same […]

New Surface Products Might Possibly Be Launched Next Month

Microsoft has confirmed that its annual Future Decoded event is going to take place in London from October 31st to November 1st. The company’s Surface chief is going to give a keynote speech at this event. This means that there’s a possibility that Microsoft might have some new Surface devices to show off which it might do at the event in London.

Microsoft Disagrees With Consumer Reports’ Findings

Recently Consumer Reports announced that due to stability issues, they were no longer able to recommend Microsoft’s Surface series of tablets and laptops. Unsurprisingly Microsoft didn’t take too kindly to the report and in a blog post penned by Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Devices, he iterated that the company is standing by its products.

Microsoft Surface PCs No Longer Recommended By Consumer Reports

The non-profit publication Consumer Reports has pulled its “recommended” rating from Microsoft’s entire lineup of Surface PCs over reliability concerns. It says that the breakage rate for Surface devices is significantly worse than for similar products from other manufacturers. This is why Consumer Reports has decided to remove its recommended designation for Surface laptops and tablets.

Switch From Mac To Surface Easily With Microsoft’s New Tool

It’s not uncommon for companies to come out with tools that enable their customers to easily switch over from a rival’s products to their competing option. Microsoft has been gunning for Apple’s Mac customers with the Surface tablets and notebook. It’s kicking things up a notch by launching a new tool which is going to make it very easy for its new customers to switch from Mac to Surface.

Microsoft Claims More Apple Customers Are Switching To The Surface

Apple’s new MacBook Pros aren’t cheap, and while they do pack some pretty high-end specs, like an incredibly fast SSD, it seems that maybe customers aren’t as enamored as Apple thought they would be. Or at least that’s the narrative that Microsoft is using when they boast that November was the best month ever for consumer Surface sales.

Microsoft’s All-In-One PC Might Be Called Surface Studio

Microsoft is conducting an event in the next few days where the company is expected to unveil new Surface hardware. Rumors suggest that a Surface-branded all-in-one PC might be unveiled at this event as well. A new report claims that there’s a possibility that Microsoft is going to call its new all-in-one PC Surface Studio. This is the first purported moniker of the all-in-one PC that we’ve heard so far.

Microsoft Surface Mouse Revealed In FCC Filings

We heard recently that Microsoft is working on a new Surface-branded keyboard and that it’s going to be released in the near future. It appears that the keyboard is going to be accompanied by a Surface-branded mouse as well. Latest FCC filings made by the company have brought us images of the Microsoft Surface mouse.