Concrete jungles need to be maintained every few years with a fresh coat of paint, otherwise the scene would look like something out of a zombie apocalypse. Well, science had always drawn inspiration from nature, and this time around, it is a pair of butterfly wings that proved to be the impetus for a new material that not only repels water, but gleams with brilliant color (hmmm, qualities of Edward the vampire, perhaps?) Similar to iridescent butterflies, this particular material relies on tiny structures on its surface in order to achieve both qualities. Such a material could eventually be advanced to a stage where it sees action in sensors that regulate the interior temperature of “smart buildings. ” Taking into account minuscule bumps on butterfly wings that cause any water that hits the wing to form beads and roll away, such a concept also means there is no chance of dirt sticking to the wings – and in this case, a building.

The ultimate goal? An entire city of energy-efficient buildings, which is something bustling metropolises need these days. Of course, this material could also be used on the outside of buildings in order to deliver colorful designs which are more durable compared to conventional paint, resisting dirt and mildew in the process.

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