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Microsoft Paint Won’t Be Removed From Windows 10
Microsoft Paint has long been around in the many Windows iterations that the company has released over the years. The company had been planning to remove this popular app from Windows 10 which isn’t something that its fans appreciated very much. Microsoft has now decided against it and will not be removing the Paint app from Windows 10.

Microsoft Could Launch Paint As A Windows 10 App
It appears that Microsoft is making a new version of its infamous Paint program that will be released as an app for Windows 10. The Paint program was a staple in Windows releases and certainly one of the most used native programs for PC. It was lightweight, offered basic editing features and quite fun to use. Having it as an app for Windows 10 is surely going to be a […]

LumiLor Lit Car Looks Way To Cool At Night
When dusk falls, and you want to paint the town red with the rest of your mates, here is a unique way to do so. Sure, one of the easiest ways to capture the attention of those down the street would be to cruise in the latest 2-door ride. How about taking the road less traveled? The people over at Darkside Scientific would not want to rely on gimmicks such […]

Nissan Skyline Uses Heat-Sensitive Paint To Change Its Colors [Video]
We’re sure you’ve been in trouble with the law more times than you can probably count while driving around wishing that you could magically change the car you’re driving in so you won’t get caught while your bobbing and weaving your way through traffic in a high-speed chase. If it happens to be raining, this Nissan Skyline R33 just might be your ideal getaway vehicle.


97-Year Old Man Paints With Microsoft Paint
How many of you out there have played with Microsoft Paint back in the days when it was just an app that kids used in Microsoft Windows 3.1 and above? Well, Microsoft recently rolled out Fresh Paint for Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone 8, which has accompanied the loyal servant, Microsoft Paint, that has been part of all of the versions of Windows to date. How good are […]

Paint The Conducts Electricity Could Be The Future
Here is a new kind of paint which is capable of conducting electricity.

Paint Helps Lower Parking Lot Temperatures
Who would have thought that a humble coat of paint would be able to help lower the mercury readings by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) on a hot day? Well, that is exactly what this light-colored, heat-reflecting asphalt and paint combination does, helping reduce the temperature of a parking lot (or wherever it is painted) whenever the sun decides to show up for work with full of […]

Never paint a building ever again
Concrete jungles need to be maintained every few years with a fresh coat of paint, otherwise the scene would look like something out of a zombie apocalypse. Well, science had always drawn inspiration from nature, and this time around, it is a pair of butterfly wings that proved to be the impetus for a new material that not only repels water, but gleams with brilliant color (hmmm, qualities of Edward […]

Self-cleaning paint might deliver smudge-resistant touchscreen displays
The jump from a standard alphanumeric keypad on your mobile phone to a full touchscreen display can be said to be huge – revolutionary, even. Unfortunately, there is one issue with the quantum leap to touchscreen displays, and that would be the problem of smudges. There is still no smudge-free touchscreen display just yet, and this could prove to be annoying at times, although I believe that most of us […]

Smart paint reinforces structures
We have Smart TVs, smartphones, smart windows, smart cars, just what other things can we cram in a “brain” and call it smart as well? Here’s an idea – how about smart paint? Researchers from Scotland are working on a low-cost smart paint which is able to detect microscopic faults in structures including bridges, wind turbines, and mines. Just what kind of sorcery makes up this unique paint? Well, it […]

Wild custom art for Sega Dreamcast and other consoles
The Sega Dreamcast might not be the most desirable console on the planet anymore, but a French artist out there obviously thinks that it can be converted into a work of art, as he posted some really nice pictures of the console being prettied up on his Flickr stream. The paint job gets its inspiration from Dreamcast games such as Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. Aside from that, he […]

On/Off paint does away with switches
You know how it is when you get home after a particularly rough day at the office, only to stumble through your living room as you grope for the light switch, stubbing your toe against some of your kids’ toys that are lying on the floor in the process. The quick barrage of expletives that spew out are stopped almost immediately as you realize your progeny is sleeping in the […]