We know that the Nintendo Wii U is expected to be launched soon, but at the same time despite it being relatively affordable, there are still those out there who cannot afford or who are unwilling to fork out that money. Well if you don’t think that it’s necessary to get the latest Nintendo console, you might be interested to learn that the Wii has its price slashed from a very affordable $149.99 to an even more affordable $129.99. Even better the $129.99 version is a bundle that will come bundled with Wii Sports Resort in addition to Wii Sports. It also includes a black Wii console, a black WiiMote Plus, a black Nunchuk and is expected to be up for sale come 28th of October. So if you think that the Wii still has a ton of gaming life left in it and you don’t really see the need for a Wii U, $129.99 for the bundle does seem like a pretty good deal. Any takers?

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