So what do we know about Capcom’s latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise? Well, Australia broke its street date at the end of last month, and for PS3 owners who have installed Resident Evil 6 on their machines, some of them do seem to run into problems when it comes to loading the game. This is as frustrating as loading your favorite movie in Blu-ray or DVD only to realize that the disc is scratched beyond repair, leaving you to watch paint dry as an alternative form of entertainment. Capcom is already aware of this issue, and has released a statement that informs gamers that a fix is on the way.

The loading issue seems to affect the majority of those who purchased the game straight from the PSN store, especially after one downloaded the day one patch. A temporary fix recommendation by Capcom urged gamers to “un-install the game (only if they originally saw an error message) and re-install the game.” Although playable after applying this fix, another issue that arises is this – folks who play the digital version are unable to go up against others using the disc, and Capcom and Sony are collaborating “to fix this issue and a patch is imminent to fix the issue.”

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