Given the popularity of Blizzard’s games, Starcraft and Diablo, we’re sure that are fans out there who might have fantasized what Diablo would have been like in a space-setting. Well it seems that Blizzard did consider that once and according to an interview with Shacknews, David Craddock, the author of the unofficial biography, “Stay awhile and Listen”, revealed that Blizzard had prototyped a game with the codename “Starblo”. We guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the codename is a combination of Starcraft and Diablo.

According to Craddock:

“The project earned the nickname Starblo for its mix of a space setting and the action-RPG formula that made Diablo so successful. Like Diablo 2, Starblo would take place over several acts, but rather than journey across a single world, players would board their customizable spaceship and travel to new planets, killing and looting the space creatures they found there.”

“By the time Dave Brevik and the Schaefers left Blizzard North in summer 2003, the Starblo team had produced a few playable builds of the game, but still hadn’t come up with a proper name.”

Sounds interesting – a Diablo-like clickfest but in a space setting, what do you guys think? Do you wish that Blizzard had made “Starblo” a reality?

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