When it comes to cameras, Leica is usually the brand name associated with high-end cameras that supposedly deliver amazing quality photographs. When it comes to audio, Bang & Olufsen could be thought of to be on the same level as Leica – high-end audio products that supposedly deliver superb sound quality. Both of course are subject to opinion and personal preference, but they are both undeniably the top of the range when it comes to their respective products. So what would it be like if both products merged together and became a luxury smartphone? That’s what Hugo André Costa Vieira Fernandes came up with in his concept, the BeoSmart.

It is a smartphone powered by Android and the front of the phone has been designed to look like B&O’s products, while the back of the phone is reminiscent of Leica’s cameras. According to the designer, the camera will be a 12MP Leica CMOS camera with Full HD video capture and feature a specially crafted lens. The audio will be powered by B&O’s technology and will even feature a 24k gold audio output! Now we’ve seen a couple of luxury smartphones in the past and as far as design is concerned, they have been pretty gaudy and the BeoSmart is no different, although in this case the audio and camera aspects might actually be pretty good if it was made a reality. Safe to say the BeoSmart would cost a small fortune if ever released, but what do you guys think?

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