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Bang & Olufsen’s New Speaker Looks Like A Book
When choosing a set of speakers, obviously sound quality is one of the most important things to look out for. However, if you are thinking more in terms of aesthetics, Bang & Olufsen has you covered. The company has recently taken the wraps off their latest speaker in the form of the Beosound Emerge.

Bang & Olufsen Gets Into Gaming With The Beoplay Portal Headphones
Bang & Olufsen is no stranger when it comes to consumer headphones and audio products. The company has been making them for years where they are usually marketed and styled as lifestyle products. However, it seems that the company is now exploring a new market segment with its first pair of headphones designed for gaming.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX Noise-Cancelling Headphones Announced
If you’re shopping for a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, you’re kind of spoilt for choice. There are so many options available in the market today that it can be a bit overwhelming. However, if style is important to you, then maybe you might be interested in taking a look at Bang & Olufsen’s latest offering.

Bang & Olufen’s Beosound Level Will Blend Into Your Home Perfectly
One of the things about Bang & Olufsen’s audio products is that they aren’t always designed to look very obvious at what they’re meant to be used for. This is ideal for people who are particular about their home furnishings and want gadgets that can blend into their homes nicely. This is where the company’s latest Beosound Level comes in.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sports Are Designed For The Gym
When it comes to headphones, there are many different types available out there, with some focusing more on audio quality, while others focus more on active use. If you’re looking for a pair designed and suited for the gym and physical activities, then you might want to take a look at Bang & Olufsen’s newly-launched Beoplay E8 Sports earphones.

Bang & Olufsen Is Working On Official Xbox Accessories
The problem with a lot of gaming gear is that they tend to look rather garish with bright RGB lights that apparently are appealing to gamers, or at least the gamer aesthetic. If you prefer something a bit more classy and understated, then you might be interested to learn that Bang & Olufsen are getting into the gaming market.

B&O Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) Announced With Alexa Integration
Bang & Olufsen’s speakers are pretty well-known, and if you are in the market for a new set of Bluetooth speakers, then you might want to check out the company’s Beosound A1. If this sounds familiar, it is because the A1 was originally launched back in 2016, but this particular model is the second-gen model that comes with some changes and improvements over its predecessor.

Bang & Olufsen Announces New Beosound Balance Wireless Speaker
While the sound quality from Bang & Olufsen speakers are debatable, especially amongst audiophiles, there is no denying that the company makes some fantastic looking speakers that will blend in quite nicely with your home furniture. In fact, if you’re looking for another talking piece for your living room, the company’s latest Beosound Balance could be worth checking out.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Headphones Updated With New Design
If you’re in the market for a new set of wireless headphones, then you might be interested to learn that Bang & Olufsen has announced an update to its Beoplay H4 headphones. For those unfamiliar, the H4 headphones are the more affordable headphones in B&O’s Beoplay lineup, so it could be worth checking out.

B&O's Beosound Stage Is The Company’s First Soundbar
While soundbars might not necessarily provide you with the same surround sound effect that you might enjoy from having individual speakers positioned strategically around the room, the upside is that they are incredibly convenient if you don’t have a lot of space and you want something a little more low-profile.

B&O Updates Its H9 Headphones With Google Assistant Support
These days with the rise of digital assistants, it seems that headphone makers are starting to throw more support behind them. For example, a couple of years ago, Bose launched a new pair of headphones that came with support for Google Assistant. If Google Assistant is your preferred assistant of choice, then you might want to check out B&O’s latest offering.

Bang & Olufsen Updates The Beoplay E8 With Wireless Charging Case
Last year Bang & Olufsen took the wraps off their Beoplay E8 earbuds. A quick recap for those unfamiliar, the E8 has been designed to be wireless earbuds similar in concept to what Apple created with the AirPods. While they might have been later to the market compared to Apple, the company can now boast a first.

Bang & Olufsen Detail Rollout Of AirPlay 2 Support To It Speakers
While most speakers and most companies tend to use Bluetooth to connect devices wirelessly, like a set of speakers to a phone, Apple has instead opted to use its own technology in the form of AirPlay, which admittedly does offer up more features compared to Bluetooth. For those who actually do appreciate the use of AirPlay, then you might be interested to learn that Bang & Olufsen will be rolling […]

Bang & Olufsen Unveil David Lynch-Designed Special Edition Speakers
Bang & Olufsen’s speakers are known for their design, where despite their choice for odd and modern-looking shapes, their speakers have typically exuded a very muted and toned down look in terms of colors. However for those who wouldn’t mind seeing the company expand their design portfolio and offerings, you’re in luck.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay E6 Earphones Have Been Designed For The Gym
Earlier today Bang & Olufsen unveiled the Beosound Edge speaker which costs a whopping $3,500. If you can’t afford the speaker but would like to get your hands on a Bang & Olufsen product, then you might be interested to learn that the company has also announced a set of earphones in the form of the Beoplay E6.

Bang & Olufsen Unveils The Beosound Edge Speaker
Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen is known for their very unique designs when it comes to speaker and audio products. While most companies would be more than happy to trot out your typical speaker design, Bang & Olufsen typically goes the other way with some pretty far out ideas, and the Beosound Edge is one of them.

Bang & Olufsen Brings Google Assistant To The Beosound 1 & 2
There are a lot of smart speakers in the market today, although we wouldn’t necessarily consider them to be the best-sounding speakers, which is kind of the angle that Apple went with the HomePod, where the company chose to focus more on the sound quality rather than on what the speakers could do.

B&O’s BeoVision Eclipse, BeoLab 50 Unveiled In Brass & Smoked Oak
Bang & Olufsen is a brand that many know for their incredible design and it looks like some of the company’s products are getting a makeover. This includes the BeoVision Eclipse television and the BeoLab 50 speakers which will be given a brass and smoked oak finish for that extra luxurious touch.

Bang & Olufsen Unveils Updated Earset Earphones
For those who have been following Bang & Olufsen’s product launches for a while, you might recall that many years ago the company had a pair of earphones called the Earset. If you did like the Earset’s design back in the day, then you might be pleased to learn that the company has since updated the earphones.

B&O Unveils New Beoplay P6 Bluetooth Speaker
Bang & Olufsen’s series of speakers are known for their incredible design and also insanely high price tags, which means that unless you’ve an unusually large bank account, chances are the closest you would get to owning a set of the company’s speakers is by standing outside one of its showrooms.