We know as far as Blackberry 10 handsets are concerned, RIM has several up their sleeves – one of them being the full touchscreen L-series, and another called the N-series which is expected to be reminiscent of RIM’s current Blackberry devices with a physical keyboard and all. Thanks to a new leak, it seems that the keyboard of the N-series has been caught on camera and while the screenshot above looks similar to the keyboard found on the Bold 9900, one of the differences you might now notice is that instead of being curved, the keys are now more straight which apparently is due to the removal of the trackpad and other physical buttons. Unfortunately this doesn’t really tell us what we can expect of the phone upon its release, but it’s a good place to start. So Blackberry fans, will you be giving the L-series a go or do you prefer physical keys and will go with the N-series instead?

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