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Apple Is Cracking Down Hard On Product Leaks
It is no secret that Apple absolutely hates product leaks, but unfortunately due to the supply chain, there are certain aspects that are out of their control, or is it? According to a report from Jon Prosser of FrontPageTech, he cites a report from The Information (paywall) which seems to suggest that Apple is going to implement some interesting measures to prevent leaks.

DJI’s FPV Drone Leaked In Hands-On Review Video
Ever wonder what it might be like to fly a drone in a first-person perspective? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that DJI could have such a drone in the works. This is according to an unboxing video by Dominion Drones who seems to have published the video a bit too early.

Leaked CAD Shows Us What The iPhone 12 Could Look Like
According to the rumors, Apple’s iPhone for 2020 is said to be adopting a brand new design and a departure from the curved edges we’ve seen in the past. Instead, Apple is rumored to be revisiting an older and classic design, one that many iPhone users can probably agree was one of the best-designed iPhones: the iPhone 4.

Alleged Images Of SNK Neo Geo Mini Revealed
Earlier last month Japanese gaming company SNK teased that they were planning on reviving one of their older, classic consoles, the Neo Geo. The company has yet to officially unveil the device, but YouTuber Spawn Wave has uploaded a video onto his channel in which he reveals what the console looks like based on images emailed to him by a “trusted source”.


More Leaked Photos Of DJI’s Rumored Phantom 5 Drone Leaked
According to a leaked photo from last month, it seemed to suggest that DJI could be working on a new Phantom drone that could feature an interchangeable lens camera. No doubt this sounds like an amazing idea and now thanks to newly leaked photos, more images of the rumored Phantom 5 drone have found their way online.

Entire Alleged Motorola 2017 Lineup Leaked
Earlier this year Motorola launched a couple of new low-end handsets, and we’re sure that that’s not all the company has up their sleeves. In a recent tweet by famed leakster Evan Blass, it seems that the entirety of Motorola’s 2017 might have been revealed, showing us what kind of handsets we can expect.

New Photos Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaked
So we know that Samsung will be at MWC. In fact the company sent out invites to a press conference that they would be holding, although before you get too excited note that the Galaxy S8 will not be announced. Instead Samsung has teased a different device which some are speculating could be the Galaxy Tab S3.

Alleged 2017 NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Image Leaked
Earlier this month there was a rumor that NVIDIA could have a new SHIELD Android TV planned for next year. Now thanks to the folks at Android Police, they have managed to get their hands on images of the alleged device that gives us a pretty good idea of what we might be able to expect.

Alleged Photos Of Nokia P Flagship Phone Leaked
Last week HMD Global unveiled the Nokia 150 feature phone. This is clearly not the Nokia phone that fans have been waiting for, but it is the latest Nokia handset that we have seen launched in awhile, at least ever since Microsoft acquired the mobile division of the company and only used its Lumia branding.

Alleged Render Of Sony Xperia XA Successor Leaked
If there is one thing Sony is extremely consistent on regarding their smartphone design is that they don’t deviate too far from the original. Granted there have been changes made over the years, but these changes feel more subtle than obvious, and for the most part you can tell it is a Sony phone.

Alleged Upcoming Nokia Flagship Specs Leaked
As you guys might have heard by now, Nokia will be returning to the smartphone market in 2017. However what kind of phone they’ll be making their return with is unknown, although thanks to recently leaked specs, we might have a very rough idea of what kind of device Nokia could be going with.

Next Tomb Raider Title Could Have Been Leaked
We have been constantly warned about using free public WiFi because it might not be secure, meaning that if you use it to send or receive sensitive information, it might not be the best idea. However the same could also be said about working on sensitive information while in public, which is what seems to have happened here.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy A8 Renders Leaked
While Samsung might be known for their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineup, the company has plenty of other devices in their portfolio as well. For example the company has the Galaxy A series which sports a more luxurious build than Samsung’s other mid-range phones, but comes with an affordable price tag.

Photo Shows Off Alleged PS4 Slim
So we know that Sony has the PS4 Neo in the works, and Microsoft has Project Scorpio. However Microsoft also has the Xbox One S, the slimmer version of the Xbox One, which is why it did not come as a surprise to learn about the rumors that Sony had a PS4 Slim in the works as well.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Render Leaked
Several days ago we reported that HTC had couple of new handsets in the works that would be part of its Desire lineup. They are said to come in the form of the HTC Desire 10 Pro and the Desire 10 Lifestyle, and now thanks to a post on Twitter by famed leakster Evan Blass, we now have an idea of what the Desire 10 Pro looks like.

Google’s Nexus Launcher Now Available For Download
Yesterday according to a reveal from Android Police, it was hinted that we could be looking forward to a new launcher that would be exclusive to Nexus handsets. There were several interesting new features in this launcher, and it looks like the rumors were right because the launcher itself has made its way online.

Wallpapers From Upcoming Nexus Handsets Leaked Online
If the rumors are true, there will be at least two new Nexus handsets this year, both of which are said to be coming from HTC and they have been codenamed Sailfish and Marlin. Now whether or not the rumors are true remains to be seen, but the folks at Android Police have managed to get their hands on what they allege to be wallpapers from the upcoming Nexus handsets.

Gamer Pays $1,300 For Leaked Copy Of No Man’s Sky
No Man’s Sky has been set for a release on the 9th of August, and the 12th of August for gamers on PC. This means that gamers have about 1-2 weeks of waiting to do before they can officially get their hands on the game. However it seems that one gamer decided that he did not want to wait, and has reportedly paid $1,300 for a leaked copy of the […]

Could This Be Samsung’s New Gear VR Headset?
It has been a while since Samsung launched their Gear VR headset, so we guess a refresh is more than possible. After all we’re sure that with the launch of other VR headsets and based on feedback that Samsung has a newer and improved model in the works, right? Thanks to the folks at Phones Review, an alleged image has surfaced.

Alleged PS4 Neo Specs Have Been Leaked
Sony has confirmed that there will be a PS4 Neo. However in terms of specs, we’re not sure what to expect although safe to say that it will be more powerful than the current PS4. However thanks to a recent leak, it seems that the alleged specs of the upcoming PS4 have been revealed, although since they can’t be confirmed, take it with a grain of salt.