Microsoft has recently announced that they will be updating the Bing Maps database with a slew of new information – where some might even say that it is an overload. Just how much new data are we talking about here? How about a whopping 121 terabytes (TB) of new satellite and Global Ortho imagery, which would be a welcome addition to an already robust amount of images of the Earth. This new satellite imagery is said to cover 15 million square kilometers of the globe, and will boast of new data in many places, although these will predominantly target South America, Africa, Asia and eastern Europe.

Other than the satellite imagery, the Bing team has also thrown into the mix another 800,000 square kilometers of Global Ortho imagery under the western Europe territory, delivering the total global coverage to 10.7 million sq. km, and 100% of the United States is included as part of this exercise. All Global Ortho imagery were shot by a plane with a camera that is mounted underneath, hence it delivers a far higher clarity as opposed to imagery from a satellite, We are talking about 30cm of ground area per pixel, now how about that?

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