The Nihon University has come up with a spanking new kind of blood pressure meter which is capable of measuring one’s blood pressure simply by touching it with a finger. First displayed at Medica 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany, this particular blood pressure monitor will measure your blood pressure sans the traditional cuff, meaning it is a whole lot easier to deliver readings of blood pressures of babies and elderly people. All it requires is for one to touch a button-shaped small area on the meter, where embedded LEDs and photo transistors in the area will get to work – the former emits light that is then reflected on a finger, where the photo transistors will take over from there and detect whatever reflected light.

There was no disclosure on the measurement method’s details, but it was mentioned that the blood pressure meter was developed based on a technology which is known as “Phase Shift Method”, thanks to the hard work of Sadao Omata, professor at the College of Engineering, Nihon University. The Phase Shift Method does not need any external power supply, and it drives a system by using sensed signals.

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