No one said that parenting is an easy job, but this dad must have been at the end of his ropes after placing an ad in Craigslist for a smashed up PS3 console. The ad basically reads, “I am in need of a broken PS3, even jut the shell would work. My two sons are in need of a lesson, their mother and I are absolutely sick and tired of repeating ourselves to these boys and I want to make them believe that I broke their PS3 in hopes of them learning to clean up after themselves.”

The parent in question believes that some folks would think that this particular psychological tactic of his is just too soft, and those are the very same folks who advocated on how sparing the rod would spoil the child. Basically, he just wants to smash up an empty shell of a PS3 in front of them, while grounding them for an entire month. What do you think of this particular parenting tactic – is it a go, or a no go? Who knows, he might end up too frustrated that he will just smash up his kids’ PS3 after all. The image above is meant for illustration purposes only.

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