You can say that majority of the parents out there are proud of their progeny, and do not mind showing off photos of their newborns. What happens when one is able to make use of today’s technology and capture a 3D image of an unborn child? Well, I guess that means the bragging will only happen earlier, and Fasotec of Japan has come up with a new kind of technology that delivers pre-birth 3D models of their babies. This service is being offered by the Hiroo Ladies clinic in Tokyo, where the process will require taking in ultrasound scans of a pregnant woman’s abdomen, while printing it out in a 3D model which parents are able to keep as a souvenir.

The process is known as Bio-Texture Modeling, and Fasotec also has a service which relies on CT and MRI scans so that customers are able to enjoy 3D printouts of their internal organs and skeletons. You would need to fork out a rather hefty $1,250 to take advantage of the Bio-Texture Modeling process for your next generation though.

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