Musicians might find the Gocen to be a rather unique device – especially when it is capable of scanning and playing handwritten sheet music, in real time, no less. The Gocen is being developed by a group at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, where they are led by Assistant Professor Tetsuaki Baba. The system will get to work by checking out the stave, followed by the notes and the notes’ position, in order to determine just where the high notes are. Apart from that, it will also be able to read words directly including piano or guitar as the computer is smart enough to recognize them automatically, followed by changing to the corresponding instrument.

The sheet music image will be analyzed via the OpenCV library in combination with a unique algorithm. The size of the notes will also help determine the current volume level, where it is also full well capable of handling chords if you so desire. Do you think that this is one of the more unique and special composition systems that budding musicians would want to take a closer look at?

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