According to the folks over at The Wall Street Journal, Google is right now about to unveil their next masterpiece – ironically, it will be on a rival’s platform, where Google’s new Google Maps app is said to be on its way for iOS-powered devices, namely Apple’s iPad and the iPhone. There was also an unnamed source (but of course!) that informed The Wall Street Journal that Google has already begun to distribute the app to folks outside the company for beta testing, hoping to weed out whatever kinks and bugs there might be before a commercial release beckons. No idea on when will Google submit its new Google Maps app for approval to the iTunes store, this report will certainly have iPhone 5 owners keeping their fingers crossed that sooner is better than later for this time around. After all, there seems to be quite a segment of iPhone owners who have yet to download the latest iOS 6 because they do not want to lose access to the older Google Maps app and rely on the unreliable Apple Maps instead.

One thing is for sure – assuming the new Google Maps app for iOS comes with turn-by-turn, you can more or less say that Apple Maps is dead and buried with. DOA (dead on arrival), as the late Steve Jobs liked to say about 7” tablets (and Apple ironically churned out the 7.85” iPad mini), would be best used to describe Apple Maps after that.

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