The Google Nexus 7 has been doing pretty well on its own all this while, but it seems that an extremely tiny percentage of this particular tablet has yet to pass the stringent quality control marks – word has it that a Chinese owner of the Google Nexus 7 left his tablet to charge for three hours, before it experienced a “Flame on!” moment. There were instances of people in the past who seeked for attention by placing their devices in microwaves as well as trying different methods of burning their gizmos, there has been no immediate or hard evidence of foul play for the Google Nexus 7 that you see on the right.

After having contacted Asus, the man was sent a replacement Nexus 7 – which is a nice touch from Asus as the company starts to begin a thorough investigation of the explosion’s cause. What do you think of the Google Nexus 7 here – is it the real deal, and one of the extremely rare, if not only story of an exploding Google Nexus 7 to date, or is it a self-inflicted injury? Perhaps the person bricked his device, and the short cut to a new Nexus 7 would be by coming up with such a story. A little too tall for some folks’ tastes, perhaps?

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