Hitman: Absolution Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC gets detailed

The Hitman franchise has more or less been set in the present albeit in a fictional world, but have you ever wondered what the Agent 47 could look like in futuristic garb? Apparently that’s what gamers will be able to dress Agent 47 up as in the upcoming Hitman: Absolution Deux Ex Human Revolution DLC. Some of the DLC’s features have already been offered as pre-order bonuses for some gamers in the states, but we guess once the DLC has been released, these bonuses will be accessed by all. Players will be able to dress Agent 47 in Adam Jensen’s outfit and will able to tote a futuristic gun, or dress him in a “High Roller” suit with a Krugermeier 2-2 Pistol, or a “Public Enemy” suit with a Bronson M1928 SMG in tow.

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