Hitman: Absolution Coming To Xbox One

Hitman: Absolution was initially released for Xbox 360 back in 2012. It’s not natively compatible with Xbox One so you can’t just pop the disc in and play this game on the new console. However, fans of the franchise will be delighted to find out that IO Interactive has confirmed that Hitman: Absolution is coming to Xbox One via the backwards compatibility feature that was switched on for the console […]

Hitman: Absolution Will Be Free For PS Plus Members Next Month

While the Hitman franchise has churned out some pretty awesome games in the past, the latest release, Hitman: Absolution has been met with some mixed reviews, some positive, while some negative. While we have yet to play the game for ourselves, gamers out there if you’re still on the fence whether the game is going to be worth your money, you’re in luck because Hitman: Absolution will be free of […]

Hitman: Absolution Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC gets detailed

The Hitman franchise has more or less been set in the present albeit in a fictional world, but have you ever wondered what the Agent 47 could look like in futuristic garb? Apparently that’s what gamers will be able to dress Agent 47 up as in the upcoming Hitman: Absolution Deux Ex Human Revolution DLC. Some of the DLC’s features have already been offered as pre-order bonuses for some gamers […]

Hitman: Absolution Contract Mode can be accessed even if bought pre-owned

Buying brand new games can get pretty expensive, and hardcore gamers who burn through games quickly will find themselves burning a hole in the wallets fairly quickly as well, which is why there still exists a market for pre-owned games which caters to gamers who don’t necessarily need to play the latest and greatest the moment it has been released. Now the good news is that if you were thinking […]


Hitman: Absolution’s art director thinks the game was limited by current-gen consoles

It seems that when it comes to next-gen consoles, there are developers on either side of the fence. Some claim that current-gen consoles still have a lot of life left in them, while other claim that current-gen consoles are reaching the end of their life and reaching their limits, and apparently Hitman: Absolution was faced by said limitations. This was revealed by the game’s art director, Roberto Marchesi who was […]

New Hitman: Absolution trailer released, calls your ethics into question

Hitman: Absolution will be released come 20th November for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 console along with the PC, but until then it looks like a new trailer for the game has been released which was shown off at the Golden Joystick awards. As the trailer suggests, it will be calling into question your ethics, namely as to how many lives are you willing to take in […]

Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge makes its way onto PCs

While Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers have been enjoying the Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge game which was a reward for pre-ordering it, it now looks like PC gamers who have pre-ordered the game will now be able to take part in the Sniper Challenge as well. For those wondering what this entails, it’s basically a competition between Hitman gamers around the world where players will attempt to top the […]

17 minute Hitman: Absolution gameplay revealed, looks fun

Hitman: Absolution is set for a release for the 20th of November, 2012, but we’re sure that there are many fans of the franchise who can’t wait and are devouring as much information, screenshots and videos of the game as possible. Well here to whet your appetite is a 17 minute gameplay video which is voiced over by the game’s director, Tore Blystad and IO Interactive community team member, Travis […]

Square Enix Releases Hitman: Absolution – Attack of the Saints Trailer

Square Enix studio IO Interactive A/S has just announced a new trailer titled ‘Attack of the Saints’ which is a new Hitman: Absolution trailer. The purpose of this trailer is to promote Agent 47’s appearance that we will be able to witness more of during this year’s E3. In this new trailer we can see a run-down motel room where Agent 47 is treating his wounds. Meanwhile, his former employer […]

Square Enix details Hitman: Absolution pre-order bonuses

Yesterday we reported that by pre-ordering Hitman: Absolution at GameStop, gamers would be able to access a mini game called Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Well if you needed more incentive to pre-order the upcoming game, here’s three more for you. Square Enix has revealed three different pre-order bonuses if you were to buy the game from either Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart. All three different retailers will offer different perks so […]

New Hitman: Absolution gameplay trailer revealed

We know that Hitman: Absolution is currently in the works. Unfortunately no release date has been given for the game, but gamers who are looking forward to stepping into the shoes of Agent 47 one more time will be pleased to learn that Square Enix has released a new trailer for the upcoming game. The trailer will focus on the gameplay and basically introduces the game’s main character, Agent 47 […]