When you are so used to taking advantage of computing services that generally do not suffer from any downtime, it can be rather frustrating to experience services which you take for granted each day go through an omnishambolic moment. Case in point, Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime seem to have experienced a downtime today, resulting in a yet unknown number of iPhone, iPad, and Macbook owners in the dark should they wish to chat with their mates over either platform. Of course, this is not the end of the world as there are still so many other ways to communicate such as text messaging, calling one another’s phone number or using alternatives like Skype, but you know how loyal and protective of the brand name that Apple users can be sometimes.

Apple’s iCloud System Status webpage did claim that the iMessage and Facetime service, “will be restored ASAP”, with the message been posted since 1:30 PT thereabouts, so it remains unclear just for how long the downtime has affected Facetime and iMessage before that. Apple also failed to disclose the scale of the issue, other than hinting that it affected “some” users. I guess they do not like airing their dirty laundry in the public by being honest upfront, and yet are capable of trumpeting the exact number of iPads or iPhones sold in a few days. Strange, no?

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