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Apple’s iMessage Could Get A Massive Upgrade
Apple’s iMessage is a pretty decent way for iOS and macOS users to message each other, send files, share media, and all that jazz, but is it necessarily the best? Maybe not, and with Google pushing its RCS messages, it seems that maybe iMessage could stand to receive an upgrade.

Apple Exec Eddy Cue Wanted To Bring iMessage Onto Android
During the legal proceedings in the Epic VS Apple case, it was revealed that Apple had rejected the idea of bringing iMessage to Android. According to the emails sent amongst Apple executives, the idea of iMessage on Android would essentially remove one more reason that customers should buy an iPhone over Android.

Apple Reveals That They Killed Plans To Bring iMessage To Android
Back in the day, one of the reasons why BlackBerry was as popular as it was was because of its messenger service, BBM. Back then, all the “cool kids” had BBM and the only way to get BBM was to buy a BlackBerry phone. Now, Apple has tried to replicate this with its iMessage platform, but it seems that at one point in time, they almost brought the feature onto […]

This App Will Bring iMessage To Windows And Android
It used to be that back in the day, platform-exclusive messaging apps were a thing. For example, BlackBerry Messenger used to be so popular that people would actually buy BlackBerry phones just to use it. These days, the focus is more on cross-platform compatibility.


Apple Is Still Considering Scheduling Feature For iMessage
There is no doubt that Apple wants users to use its iMessage messaging platform. It is a pretty decent default messaging platform that iOS users can use with each other, and with every iOS update, Apple introduces new features to it. However, one feature that seems to be lacking is message scheduling.

Google Found An iMessage Bug That Could Brick iPhones
For a feature that has been around for a while, you would think that Apple would have ironed out whatever issues there might be with its iMessage platform. According to a recent post by Google’s Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich, it appears that they discovered an iMessage bug that has the possibility of bricking an iPhone.

Customers Can Now Chat With Sprint Reps Through iMessage
Need to talk to a customer service rep? There are many ways to go about it, such as through social media where you can usually reach reps via Facebook Messenger. You could also always go the old school way of calling them on the phone, or going to a store and speaking to them in person.

Apple Reportedly In Discussions To Support RCS
Text messaging has evolved over the years, where we first started out with SMS, followed by MMS that allowed us to send photos and videos, and then later we got a bunch of messaging services that relied on the internet that allowed us to send messages to people around the world for “free”.

Apple Had Previously Tried To Get Carriers To Use iMessage
Apple’s iMessage is the company’s take on SMS and instant messaging, but unfortunately it is pretty much limited to users of iOS and macOS devices. However it seems that at one in time Apple had actually wanted carriers to adopt its iMessage platform in hopes of making it a new standard.

T-Mobile Customers Can Now Chat With Support In iMessage
T-Mobile is making it even easier for its subscribers who own Apple devices to contact customer support. The carrier has announced that it’s supporting Business Chat for iPhone which Apple announced a couple of weeks ago. It’s the first carrier in the country to do this. It’s enabling Apple device owners to contact customer support through iMessage so the entire process is as easy as sending someone a message through […]

Google Search Now Available In iMessage
Want to quickly look up something while in an iMessage conversation? You can now “Google it” right within iMessage as internet search giant’s core feature is now available in Apple’s messaging app. Google today updated its Search app for iOS which brings an iMessage extension which enables iOS users to search the web and share those results in their conversations from within iMessage itself.

iMessage Business Chat Will Let Users Directly Chat With Businesses
Apple is going to release a new feature for iMessage that will enable users to chat directly with businesses using the company’s messaging app. Apple is calling this feature Business Chat and the company first unveiled it at the Worldwide Developer Conference last year. The feature is going to be launched this spring with a handful of partners.Apple explains that Business Chat will allow users to communicate directly with businesses […]

YouTube’s iOS App Update Lets Users Share Videos Faster On iMessage
If you’re someone who shares YouTube videos often, you know that sharing to apps like iMessage can be a bit slow and cumbersome, but not anymore because in an update to the YouTube app on iOS, YouTube has made sharing a lot easier as users now have an option to share with a direct-to-Messages sharing option.

Delta Offers Free In-Flight WhatsApp, iMessage, And Facebook Messenger Use
You’ll soon be able to keep in touch with friends and family on the ground when you’re flying with Delta. The airline has confirmed that passengers on most Delta flights will be able to use WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger in-flight for free.

Google Maps For iOS Updated With iMessage Integration
If you use Google Maps on iOS, the latest update might be of interest to you. This is because in the latest update to the app, Google has introduced a couple of new features, one of which is integration with iMessage which means that users can now share their location via iMessage using Google Maps if that’s what they prefer.

Microsoft Launches ‘Who’s In’ App For Apple’s iMessage
Over the years we’ve seen Microsoft come up with all kinds of ways to integrate their products and services on other mobile platforms, whether it be productivity apps like Office, or voice assistant software like Cortana, or Android lockscreens. Now it looks like Microsoft wants in on Apple’s iMessage and has launched a new app called “Who’s In”.

Starbucks iMessage App Updated With Support For Gift Cards
A couple of weeks ago Starbucks announced that soon, users of Apple’s iMessage platform would be able to send and receive Starbucks gift cards through the messaging app. For those who do frequent Starbucks and also use iMessage, you’ll be pleased to learn that you will be able to do that now.

Patent Shows Siri Integration With iMessages
One of the unique features of Google’s Allo app is that it integrates Google Assistant into the chat. This means that when chatting with friends, you can actually chat with Google Assistant to check up on certain things, make restaurant bookings, and so on. It seems that Apple could have something similar planned with Siri and iMessage, at least according to a patent.

Google Engineer Claims iMessage For Android Won’t Support SMS
Apple for the most part has kept its own apps and services to itself, creating a feeling of exclusivity to entice users to come over to their macOS or iOS platforms. One of those exclusive features was iMessage, although we had heard rumors that Apple was apparently considering bringing it over to Android.

iMessage For Android Mockups Reportedly Created By Apple
Apple’s messaging platform iMessage serves hundreds of millions of users on its desktop and mobile devices. The company hasn’t released iMessage for any other platform even though users would like to have the ability to stay in touch with their friends on Android. Whether or not the company ever releases iMessage for Android remains to be seen, but a new report suggests that Apple has created mockups of iMessage for […]