While the iPad mini was sold in different countries from today onwards, some might say that the product’s launch did not generate the kind of frenzy as the iPhone and iPad did, as lines for the tablet rarely stretched to anything beyond a block. Well, football and basketball might be favorite American past times, but so too, is modifying your vehicle’s dashboard with aftermarket gizmos and gadgets. Case in point, the iPad mini has already been integrated into someone’s dashboard so soon after release, thanks to Soundwaves of Tampa who did this installation job in a 2012 Toyota Corolla right after the iPad mini’s launch, where it will function as the vehicle’s infotainment system. Not exactly the best choice considering the lower resolution count of the display to the new iPad, but it ought to serve its purpose decently for most folks who do not demand that much.

The iPad mini will function as a middleman, streaming Pandora and iHeartRadio through the Toyota Corolla’s audio system. If you want to surf on it, then you might want to do so via a Mi-Fi unit which has been installed in the vehicle itself. What other iPad mini mods are you looking forward to in the future?

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