We’ve seen many drop tests conducted on phones and tablets before. They’re rather cringe-worthy but if you’re looking for a new tablet that can withstand an accidental drop or two, we guess those videos can come in handy. That being said, the folks at SquareTrade have come up with a drop test video in which three tablets were tested – the iPad mini, the Nexus 7 and the iPad 3. Now typically drop tests basically involve the tester using their hands to hold and drop the tablet, hardly scientific, right? Well SquareTrade has come up with a contraption in which all three tablets are dropped at the same time and at the same angle. Next up they dunked all three tablets in water and ultimately ruled that the iPad mini did the best. However in the drop test the Nexus 7 came away with less damage, something worth taking into consideration. In any case you can be the judge, just check it out in the video above.

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Key SpecsiPad 3 Wi-Fi
Display Diagonal9.7" (24.64 cm)
Processor/Soc NameA5X
Street Price (Approx)~ $400
Search low iPad 3 Wi-Fi price (Amazon)
Max. Total Storage Capacity64 GB
Megapixels5 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)11560 mAh
Complete product dataApple iPad 3 Wi-Fi Full specs and details
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