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Trade In Your iPad 2, iPad 3 For At Least $200 At Best Buy This Weekend
Best Buy is offering at least $200 for a trade in of your iPad 2 or iPad 3 this weekend.

Refurbished iPad 2 And iPad 3 Prices Slashed By Apple
Apple has now slashed the prices of iPad 2 and iPad 3 models that it is officially selling on its online refurbished store. Such units can only be purchased online and won’t be found at any Apple Retail Stores. Prices have been slashed only for Wi-Fi plus Cellular and Wi-Fi plus 3G variants of these iPads.The 16GB iPad 2 WiFi plus 3G model retails for $529, on the online refurbished […]

iPad mini, Nexus 7 and iPad 3 face-off in drop test and water dunk video
We’ve seen many drop tests conducted on phones and tablets before. They’re rather cringe-worthy but if you’re looking for a new tablet that can withstand an accidental drop or two, we guess those videos can come in handy. That being said, the folks at SquareTrade have come up with a drop test video in which three tablets were tested – the iPad mini, the Nexus 7 and the iPad 3. […]

The New iPad 3 Is Way Faster Than The Old iPad 3
An early fourth-generation iPad benchmark was spotted on Geekbench today, and it scored a 1757, which more than doubles the score of the third-generation iPad, which checked in with a Geekbench score of 791. In fact, the fourth-generation iPad (which goes by iPad3,4) scored higher than the iPhone 5 on the Geekbench score we took. However, we have seen some Android phones and tablets flirt with this score before, like […]


Don't buy an iPad 3 today unless you like the old 30-pin connector
Apple’s announcing something tomorrow, and although we’re not completely sure what we’re going to see, we have a pretty good idea it involves something “mini.” But there may be a surprise update to the iPad “3” tomorrow to bring it up to date with the rest of iOS’s new line: it will ditch the old 30-pin connector for  Apple’s new Lightning port. 

iPad 3 Review
iPad 3 Review | The New Ipad is here and it features improvements that were much anticipated, namely a very high resolution display, a much better camera and support for 4G LTE.

Apple Event available on video
If our comprehensive live blog, coverage of the new iPad, iOS 5.1, Apple TV, and event round up wasn’t enough for you today, you’re in luck. Apple has already posted up on its website the video recording of the Apple Event that was held earlier this morning for everyone to see. Everybody who wasn’t in the Yerba Buena Center today can now experience what it was like to be in […]

The new iPad officially launched
 Today at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Apple pulled the wraps off its latest tablet – the new iPad (previously rumored to be called the iPad 3). If you’ve been following all the rumors, reports and speculations about the tablet over the past few months, these specs won’t come as a surprise to you but just in case you haven’t been in the loop, hit […]

iPad 3 to feature advanced touch feedback technology?
When the iPad 3 event invitation was sent out, everybody focused on the “We have something you really have to see.” line but what about the two words that come after that – “And touch.”? Could it be more than just a reference to the iPad’s touchscreen? According to reports online – it could be. The folks over at The Next Web and The Guardian were pretty interested in this […]

iPhoto speculated to be making its way onto the iPad 3
Apple’s event which will be held in a few hours is expected to reveal the next-generation iPad, but what sort of features or upgrades will we be seeing? Well according to a recent speculation, it seems that on the software front, iPhoto is reportedly a pretty good candidate to be making an appearance on the tablet. 

iPad 3 rumored to feature 1GB of RAM
Prior to the iPhone 4S launch, many were speculating that it would be seeing a bump in RAM to 1GB much like the rest of its Android competition, but unfortunately the phone was launched with 512MB, which to be fair has been doing well enough to get the job done, but what about Apple’s upcoming iPad 3? Will we be seeing 512MB as well? Well according to Chronic of the […]

iPad 3 Retina Display spotted?
The next iPad is only a few hours away from being announced, but it looks like more details surrounding the tablet have surfaced. This time it’s alleged photographic evidence of the iPad’s high resolution display. While there’s no way to prove that what we’re looking at is the display of the next iPad, it does show a couple of iOS icons that look extremely sharp – even at that distance […]

AppleCare+ rumored for iPad 3
When Apple first rolled out their AppleCare+ warranty program in October 2011 to keep the iPhone 4S company, it was not exactly the best received item from Cupertino to date. Sure, the $99 service added up to a couple of incidents of accidental damage coverage, sporting a deductible of $49, but it remains to be seen whether those dollars are worth it or not. I guess it is a matter […]

Apple iPad 3 to be released on March 16th?
Apple has been known to announce products and then put them up for sale on the very same day itself or a few weeks away, and it looks like it’s going to be no different with the iPad 3/iPad HD. According to the folks at, Apple will be having a huge Apple Store event on Friday, March 16th. Since this is nine days after the launch of the next […]

New Smart Cover to launch with iPad 3?
The iPad 2 launched last year with an interesting front cover for the tablet – the versatile Smart Cover which could be used to make your iPad stand on its own, or protect the front of the screen when it’s not in use. Well, according to rumors online, Apple will be continuing the trend by releasing a new Smart Cover designed for the iPad 3. The new Smart Cover is […]

iPad 3 case starts to ship
We do know that it is just two more days before the iPad 3 is officially announced to the world, and to further cement the existence of such a tablet, cases for the iPad 3 has already started to ship. Needless to say, these boxes are said to be sealed for obvious purposes, and a pink sticker can be spotted on top of the boxes which instruct whoever looking at […]

iPad 3 configurations and pricing reportedly similar to the iPad 2
So we know that come 7th of March, Apple will be announcing their next-generation iPad, the iPad 3 (or iPad HD as recent rumors seem to have suggested). But how much will it cost? Well a set of rumors from last week seems to suggest that the iPad 3 will cost more than the iPad 2, a piece of news which undoubtedly did not sit well with many iPad 3 […]

iPad tablets running iOS 6 spotted in server logs?
It looks like the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 6, is currently in the works. According to the folks over at, they’ve been receiving page views from iPad tablets claiming to be running on iOS 6. In addition to the new operating system, they also happen to be running a newer build of the Apple WebKit browser. There’s no telling if the devices are iPad 3 […]

Developer previews how games might look like the iPad 3's Retina display
We know that the iPad 3 is expected to see a launch in a few days, or the 7th of March to be exact, but what can we expect? Well if the rumors are to be believed, we can expect a new Retina display, 4G LTE connectivity, and possibly a quad-core processor on board. The latter two rumors seem slightly far fetched, but the possibility of a Retina display seems […]

iPad 3 concept video from Aatma Studio
Aatma Studio has come up with some interesting concepts in the past, where the two most recent ones would be the iPhone 5 and another apple-shaped device, but with the iPad 3 being all but confirmed for a March 7th announcement, here we are with another concept video from Aatma Studio. It will come with an edge-to-edge Retina Display, letting you kiss goodbye to those ugly bezels, in addition to […]