Mention Mophie and most of us would think of those power packs that give a new lease of life to exhausted smartphone batteries, and there are many variations available for different smartphone models. Well, it seems that extended battery cases are not all that Mophie churns out, as the accessory designer has now introduced its very first Bluetooth-powered headset that is known as the Mophie Powerblu. Just to make sure that it will be prepared for a general release, the Mophie Powerblu has arrived at the FCC. The main point about the Mophie Powerblu is this – it has a separate charging station which will help keep the earpiece going beyond what its internal battery is capable of mustering.

The Bluetooth headset will normally be able to last you for approximately 4 hours of solid talk time, and when you revive it from time to time with the separate charging station, the amount of time that the Mophie Powerblu is capable of lasting in terms of pure talk time will hit a rather impressive 30 hour mark. Other hardware specifications include a noise-cancelling microphone array, text-to-speech and voice commands. No idea on pricing details, but we do look forward to the Mophie Powerblu’s introduction with relish.

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