Teardown videos seem to be the norm these days for any new consumer electronics device that is released, and for some strange reason, a group of folks out there are very curious to see just what is underneath the hood, although I do see the practical side of taking a new device apart – at the very least you get an idea on just how “repairable” said device is. The Nintendo Wii U which has already sold out in most retail stores and have started to appear on eBay, has been taken apart by the good people over at iFixit, and it managed to score an eight out of 10 for repairability.

According to the iFixit crew, they managed to discover a fair a mount of “hidden Tri-wing screws,” which could be “a pain for modders and repairers” all over the Nintendo Wii U, so a more careful approach should be considered. As for the GamePad that you see above, it could probably carry “a much larger battery in the user-accessible compartment” – so chances are we might see an update to the controller in the near future, or perhaps an accessory will be there to fill the void?

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