PhotoBot is a tiny robotic camera that is designed and built by Tommy Dykes, a British digital product designer. What makes the PhotoBot unique from the rest is its ability to scan a given area, locate people through its ultrasonic sensor, and automatically take pictures of them while instantly displaying the photos on a tiny screen. The robotic camera concept came to Dykes when he was exploring for other alternative ways of doing photography.

“This automation allows people to enjoy an occasion, such as a party, in the knowledge that the occasion is being documented photographically without the need for them to do it themselves,” he adds. The design of the PhotoBot, according to Dykes, is anthropomorphic or human-like, therefore creating a sense of trust and fun that quickly dispels the sense of surveillance. Earlier versions of the PhotoBot was reportedly condemned by some users as creepy and a tool that can be used for spying. Dykes managed to solve the dilemma by making its lens and display screen more visible to the naked eye.

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