The media sharing service and iOS app (iPad for now) are coming out of beta, and they want to make sure that every of their users can easily share or stream content from their computers, Windows or Mac. has been founded by Internet networking veterans, and this should show nicely as users should not need to configure their routers at all to communicate with a device on the public Internet, on the other side of the router.


There are existing solution to sending files today, like copying your files to a cloud service like Dropbox or Box, but you may need to plan in advance, or pay for storage fees. Once installed, establishes a permanent presence on your computer which can communicate with an iOS device at anytime, so it doesn’t matter if you thought of uploading a movie files to the cloud or not.

The service also uses media streaming so that you don’t have to wait for a 4GB file upload and download before you can watch a movie. Instead, stream the content directly from your computer to your iOs device so you can start watching now. If there is not enough bandwidth, you can choose a lower resolution, and will convert the original file on the fly before sending the stream packets. If the service cannot establish a point to point connection between your devices, it will route the traffic through one of their servers, but assured us that the company does not inspect data packets for privacy reasons.

There are other features like streaming and sending generic files to a mobile device. The be recognized by the service, users have to create an account, but once that is done, will track all the devices associated to that account. It is also possible to communicate with your friends devices, whether it is for streaming or sending. The service runs on the freemium model, so the basic features should stay free and will add paid features later on. What do you think? Official video below:

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