What are some of the essential tools that a decent, well-equipped office should have? For starters, we are looking at all the relevant stationery, including the humble stapler to hold different pieces of paper together. Well, how about a stapler that keeps sheets of paper together, but it does so without the need for any staples? This is definitely a paradigm shift no matter how you look at it, and here we are with a new version of the stapler from Japan, which does not need any staples to work!

The concept behind this stapler is rather simple actually, where it will punch a wing-shaped slit on one side, while cutting out a kind of spade-shaped tab which will insert into the slit. This move allows the sheets to be locked together. The main drawback would be this – it can hold up to 10 sheets at one time, which still loses out to industrial class staplers. Well, at least it is not too expensive, and your kid does not have to worry poking his or her fingers on sharp, pointy staples by accident, either.

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