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How Employee Collaboration with eUnite @Work Will Drive the Post-COVID Economy
With the pandemic forcing unprecedented disruption to companies’ operations worldwide, the number of remote workers could increase to 25-30% of the workforce, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Social distancing and trends in remote work environments are requiring businesses to find new ways to work, share knowledge, and grow.Since businesses thrive on communication, this statistic presents a new obstacle for vital management functions in any size business. With so many teams […]

Microsoft Introduces New Tool That Lets You Practice PowerPoint Presentations
Making a presentation is easy, but making a good presentation takes skill and practice. This is important because it might be a presentation to convince your university about your thesis, it might be a presentation to pitch an idea to a client, pitch an idea for a product to your company’s executives, and so on.

Microsoft Office 2021 Will Be Launching Later This Year
Right now, Microsoft sells its Office productivity suites in two ways: a one-time purchase or a subscription to Microsoft 365. The subscription would be cheaper for the short-term, but in the long-run, it could be more expensive. However, the idea is that the subscription will ensure users will always have access to the latest features.

Microsoft’s Unified Office App Now Available For iPad
Microsoft’s Office has been available on the iPad for quite a while now as individual apps, but as some of you might have noticed, Microsoft has started to unify those apps into a singular app that more or less does the same thing except that users won’t need to download and launch separate apps for different tasks.


Best Microsoft Office Alternatives That You Need to Try
Microsoft Office is unquestionably the most popular office suite for both students and professionals. For obvious reasons, it offers the best compatibility for every file type and is easy to use.Not just limited its features and usability, but the seamless integration with Windows 10 could prove to be an unmatched experience.But, not everyone needs the “ultimate office suite” or probably do not want to spend a penny for basic tasks […]

Microsoft Office 365 Updated With Apple Silicon Support
Thanks to Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation software, it is possible to run x86 apps on the M1 Mac computers. It might not necessarily be ideal since these apps weren’t coded for the ARM-based M1 chipset, but for the most part, it works. However, for those who prefer native solutions, you’re in luck, at least if you’re an Office 365 user.

Microsoft Working On Universal Office App For Apple’s M1 Chipset
Developing for two separate platforms like macOS and Windows presents its own sets of challenges, but at least in the past, both platforms did share similar hardware in the sense that it still used x86 processors, but with Apple shifting to its own custom M1 chipset, things got a little more tricky.

Google Drive Will Now Edit Office Files Immediately
Google Drive can open Microsoft Office related files like word documents and spreadsheets. However, it was not always instantaneous and it usually opened in the form of a preview before users could choose to open it with either Google Docs or Google Sheets, but Google is now looking to make that experience better and faster.

Microsoft Is Force Installing Office Web Apps For Windows 10 Users
We get that Microsoft would love it if more people were to use its Office apps, but to go to the extent of forcing it on users? That’s where we’re sure many will take issue, but this isn’t a hypothetical situation, it’s actually happening. According to multiple user reports, it appears that Microsoft has essentially forced an update on Windows 10 users in which upon rebooting, users are finding the […]

Office 365 To Drop Support For macOS High Sierra Next Month
If you’re subscribed to Microsoft’s Office 365 and you’re running a Mac computer that’s on macOS High Sierra, you have two choices – either you update your Mac to a newer version of macOS, or get a new Mac because Microsoft has announced that starting next month, they will be dropping support for macOS High Sierra and older.

Excel Error Could Have Led To England Under-Reporting Its COVID-19 Cases
If you’re looking to tabulate data, Microsoft Excel is a pretty good piece of software to use. After all, it has been used by many people and corporations over the decades, but while it is good and has its advantages, it does not necessarily make it the best, nor does it mean that it is perfect.

Microsoft Testing Trackpad Support For Word And Excel For iPad
With the introduction of the new Magic Keyboard accessory for the iPad, Apple is certainly looking to turn the iPad into a potential laptop alternative. This is because not only does the accessory come with a trackpad, but iPadOS has also been updated to support external devices like a mouse and trackpad-related accessories.

Microsoft Word Can Now Transcribe Audio
Reporters and journalists rely on audio recording tools and gadgets especially during press events or interviews. This allows them the chance to go back and listen to the recordings and write things down, but it can be a bit tedious especially if the interview is long, and rewinding and forwarding can take up a lot of time.

Excel’s Formatting Is Screwing Up Human Gene Research
If you’re looking to keep track of things like in a database, then using Microsoft Excel is one way to go about it. It is a great spreadsheet tool that can be useful when keeping track of things like names, phone numbers, finances, and more, but it seems that no thanks to Excel’s formatting, it is messing up the research on human genes.

Microsoft Office Flaw Would Allow Hackers To Take Over A Mac
One advice that is generally dispensed to prevent your computer from getting infected by malware or a trojan is to simply not download any file attachments you get in your emails by people you do not know. However, sometimes these attachments might look harmless, like a Microsoft Word or Excel file.

Support For Office 2016 For Mac Will End In October 2020
If you’re still using Microsoft’s Office 2016 on your Mac computer, you might want to take note that support for the productivity suite will be officially coming to an end in October 2020. This was announced by Microsoft on their support page where they also revealed that the end of support also means that Office 2016 users will no longer be able to connect to Office 365 services.

Microsoft Adds Protection Against Reply-All Email Storms For Exchange Users
Some of you might recall that last week, Microsoft rolled out a feature for iOS users that helped them ignore email conversations. This meant that if an email thread gets too chatty and everyone is hitting that “reply all” button in group emails, they have the option to just ignore it to stop getting unnecessary notifications.

Office For The iPad To Get Trackpad Support Later This Year
Over the years, Apple has slowly been making inroads in transforming its iPad into a productivity powerhouse. Some of the recent changes include allowing users to use a mouse with a tablet, cursor support, and most recently, trackpad support with the launch of a new Magic Keyboard accessory.

Microsoft Could Be Planning A Unified Office Mobile App For iOS
Microsoft Office is currently available on iOS devices. They are available as standalone apps where can choose which one to download, depending on your needs. However, sometimes you might only need the app for basic features, but unfortunately, it will still require you to download the entire app.

Microsoft Launches The Surface Earbuds With Office Integration
These days we’re starting to see more truly wireless earbuds hit the market. This isn’t surprising as more handset makers are ditching the headphone jack, leading to companies developing more wireless alternatives. In fact, Microsoft is looking to toss their hat into the ring by announcing the Surface Earbuds.