Microsoft Could Be Planning A Unified Office Mobile App For iOS

Microsoft Office is currently available on iOS devices. They are available as standalone apps where can choose which one to download, depending on your needs. However, sometimes you might only need the app for basic features, but unfortunately, it will still require you to download the entire app.

Microsoft Launches The Surface Earbuds With Office Integration

These days we’re starting to see more truly wireless earbuds hit the market. This isn’t surprising as more handset makers are ditching the headphone jack, leading to companies developing more wireless alternatives. In fact, Microsoft is looking to toss their hat into the ring by announcing the Surface Earbuds.

Microsoft 365 For Consumers Reportedly In The Works

Last time when you wanted to purchase a software, you’d pay for it one time and you’d be done. The only downside is that whenever new major versions are released, you’d have to pay for those to get the upgrades. However these days companies are starting to offer up subscriptions, where for a monthly/annual fee, you can get all the upgrades for “free”.

Microsoft Office Update For macOS Introduces Dark Mode

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced that the upcoming update to their Office suite of productivity apps on macOS would soon gain support for dark mode, which is one of the features of macOS Mojave. Given that dark mode isn’t applied automatically to all apps, it’s nice to see developers start to adopt it.


Microsoft Introduces New AI Features To Word

There are plenty of note-taking apps and reminder apps out there, but in case you’re someone who uses Microsoft Word to jot down everything, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has recently made some improvements to Word where they are introducing new AI features that will make your life a little easier.

Microsoft Office For macOS To Get A Dark Mode

The concept of dark and light themes aren’t exactly new and we have seen that applied to websites and apps in the past, although in recent times, it seems that there is a greater call/demand for such features. macOS Mojave introduced a dark mode which is applied across the OS and native Apple apps, but it did not necessarily apply to third-party apps.

Microsoft Office For Web Adds Support For Dictation

There are plenty of software features that most of us take for granted, but yet for some there are certain things that are considered simple to us, but yet can take others a long time. Take for example typing, where most of us would not have issues with it, but yet for those who are dyslexic, this becomes much harder.

Microsoft Office 365 Device Install Limits Has Been Removed

For the most part, most of us usually have one computer, or maybe two at most where one is used at work, and one for home. However we imagine that there are probably some who have more than two computers, and if that’s you, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has decided to remove the install limit of Office 365 for subscribers.

Office 365 For Mac Will Soon Require macOS High Sierra Or Later

Software updates and upgrades are generally seen as a good thing, where they fix bugs, introduce improvements to performance, and also bring about new features. However there are also reasons why people don’t want to upgrade, such as being used to the existing system, or worried about bugs, incompatibility with current software, and so on.

Microsoft Reveals Changes Coming To Office On Android & iOS

If you’re someone who uses Microsoft Office on your mobile device a lot, such your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently announced some of the changes and new features that will headed to the iOS and Android version of the app some time later this month.

Microsoft Office 2019 Preview Now Available To Commercial Users

For those who are curious about Microsoft’s next update to its Office series of productivity software, you know that Microsoft will be releasing it later this year. However the good news for commercial users is that if you were wondering whether or not it will be worth upgrading to, Microsoft has since released the Office 2019 Preview for commercial customers.

Microsoft Releases Its LinkedIn Resume Assistant For Office 365

It’s one thing to have the best education and work experience you could possibly have, but if you are unable to show it on your resume or make it clear to prospective employers, then it’s kind of moot. This is why being able to craft a good resume is one of the key aspects of landing a job and standing out amongst the applicants. Premium Features Now Bundled With Office 365

Earlier this year you might recall that Microsoft launched a new Premium subscription which costs customers $19.95 a year. The premium subscription essentially removed ads from the email service as well as offer up various new features and security tools for those who might need it.

Microsoft Asks Mac Office 2011 Users To Skip High Sierra Update

Updates/upgrades to an operating system is usually something to look forward to, but in the case of Microsoft Office users on Mac computers, it seems that Microsoft is asking those users to skip on the macOS High Sierra update which is largely expected to be released in the next couple of months.