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Will It Blend? iPad mini, Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 get put through the blender

If you enjoyed the previous “Will It Blend” video of the iPhone 5 versus the Samsung Galaxy S3, the folks at Blendtec are back and this time they have pitted the iPad mini against Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, and Google’s Nexus 7 (made by ASUS). Now as fascinating as it might be to see gadgets senselessly destroyed, we can’t help but think it’s a waste of money but hey, to each their own right? In any case it’s hard to tell which tablet fared better as each device was basically cracked in half before being stuffed into the blender, so the position they were sitting in the blender could have affected the results, but if you’re so inclined, check it out in the video above and let us know which tablet you think survived longer, but be warned, if you’re a tech fan then this can be rather cringe-worthy!

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