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New Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Might Be Coming Soon
Amazon has launched a new product today, its thinnest and most expensive Kindle yet, the Kindle Oasis. It appears that the company might be putting the final touches on another new hardware product that could be released in the near future. Benchmarks have been spotted online of what appears to be a next-generation Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet. There’s no indication from the company yet that it has a new […]

Amazon Fire HD Tablet For Kids Gives More Power To Parents 
Amazon’s Fire tablet now has another edition and it’s made for kids. The latest offering by Amazon will be available in the U.K. and has been crafted keeping in mind the needs of kids and parental controls.

Amazon Fire HD Update Brings Firefly Feature
A new software update is on the horizon for Amazon Fire HD tablets, the relatively inexpensive slates from the online retail giant, that actually offer great value for money. The company is releasing a new software update over-the-air which is going to add one major feature to these tablets. Amazon’s Firefly feature is going to land on these tablets courtesy of the software update, allowing users to easily recognize songs, […]

Amazon Intends To Sell 2 Million Kindle Fire HDs Before November 2013 Is Over
In life, it is always good to have a target – after all, it keeps you going and is the reason for existing, even when all other hope is snuffed out. Of course, one would also need to learn to manage expectations, and the same can be said of corporations as well. Amazon have recently shared their confidence in selling up to 2 million Kindle Fire HD tablets before November […]


Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD
Amazon might not sell as many tablets as Apple does with their iPad range, but this does not mean that the Kindle family from Amazon is a slouch. No sir, it is about time for a hardware refresh, and that is exactly what Amazon ordered from the “doctor” with the all new Amazon Kindle Fire HD. This $139 tablet will arrive in a slimmer and lighter form factor, where it […]

Next-Gen Amazon Kindle Fire HD Leaked Photos Hit The Internet
Just a few months ago, we heard Amazon was in the process of updating its Kindle Fire tablets to receive improved displays and a slightly tweaked design. Shortly after the report was published, Amazon cut the price of its Kindle Fire HD by $40, which lead many to believe a new version was going to be announced sooner than later. It looks like we might finally be hearing about the next Kindle […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Sees $40 Price Cut, Successor Imminent?
Word on the street has it that Amazon could be looking to launch new Kindle Fire tablets later this year, which we guess is a given considering that Amazon has been enjoying some success with their Android tablet lineup due to its price and somewhat decent specs. While Amazon has yet to confirm a new Kindle Fire tablet, they have recently dropped the price of the current Kindle Fire HD […]

Next Generation Kindle Fire HD Tablets Specs Rumored
It is already widely believed that Amazon is working on three new tablets that it will launch in the near future. One of these tablets is said to be the replacement for Amazon’s entry level Kindle Fire tablet, whereas the other two are said to be replacements for current Kindle Fire HD models. BGR claims to have received information regarding the specifications of these tablets from “multiple trusted sources.”

Kindle Fire HD 2 Sees August Or September Launch (Rumor)
Amazon has not forgotten that they are still pretty much in the tablet game, where their Kindle range has done pretty well for itself in the past years. In fact, there is a new rumor going around that Amazon could very well deliver a new range of Kindle Fire tablets that are capable of going up against the likes of the Nexus 7 2 as well as the next generation […]

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets Receiving Improved Displays, Tweaked Design [Report]
Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets have been a huge success for the company, but they might be an even bigger hit if what a report is claiming turns out to be true as the company is expected to release new versions of its tablets with not only a bump up in its display, but a new design as well.

Watch ABC Live TV Streaming App Available For Kindle Fire, Not Google Play
The Watch ABC app is now available for Amazon's Kindle Fire, but not on Google Play.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Pre-Orders Open In 170 Countries
If you have been on the lookout for the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon, but never really meant business by purchasing one, you might want to take note that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is now available for pre-orders in more than 170 countries, not to mention doing their bit to expand the Amazon Appstore so that folks living in nearly 200 countries will be able to take advantage of […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Price Slashed By $20 For Mother's Day
Amazon is the manufacturer of one of the most sold mid-range Android tablet. Some people even say that the entire 7-inch tablet race was given a huge boost by the Kindle Fire, which has done very well for itself in the market. Recognizing that Mother’s Day 2013 is just around the corner, Amazon is running a promotion in which it is offering the Kindle Fire HD tablet for $20 less […]

AT&T Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Arrives This April 5th
Sometime in the middle of last month, we explored the possibility of a 7” Kindle Fire HD being developed for the masses. Well, back to reality, here we are with word that the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 will be available via AT&T on a two-year contract. Sure, that sounds pretty much normal as normal can be, but that would also mean less of a burden for your bank account to […]

Amazon Expands X-Ray Feature To TV Shows On Kindle Fire, Wii U
Amazon may not be building a $99 Kindle Fire, but it is rolling out its X-Ray for Movies feature it introduced six months ago on its Kindle Fire HD to now be able to offer the same service to its library of television shows.The X-Ray for TV will allow Kindle Fire users to be able to access IMDb while they’re watching a TV show, giving them immediate access to everything […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Price Drop
The world of tablets are segregated mainly into two different parties – one that runs on the Android operating system, while the other would be iOS-powered, the famous iPad from Apple. Well, Amazon has had a pretty good run so far with their tablets, and has just introduced the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9” in Europe as well as Japan, not to mention rolling out a price cut, too. Yes […]

Green Throttle Launches Console-less Android Gaming Platform
Android gaming has been getting a ton of love lately as both the OUYA and GameStick are expected to reinvigorate the Android gaming market in the coming months, but Green Throttle is looking to jumpstart the Android gaming revolution with its new service.Unlike both the OUYA and GameStick, Green Throttle doesn’t require any dedicated console hardware to function as it’s available as a portal application which requires the use of their Green […]

Students Get $50 Discount On Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Fiscal cliff or not, every cent counts, even more so when you are a student who lives on a meagre allowance as you scrape through classes wondering if there is enough money for your textbooks and course next semester. Well, Amazon knows the harsh reality of life, and intend to cut students some slack this January 2013 by offering their new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 at a $50 discount, meaning […]

Amazon Reports Best Holiday Sales Ever With 306 Items Sold Per Second
Now that the holidays are officially coming to a close and a new year is nearly upon us, you’re probably looking back at the gifts you received over the past couple of days with either content or disdain. Either way, if you or someone you know shopped at Amazon, then you partook in one of Amazon’s biggest holiday sales ever.Amazon reported today their 2012 holiday sales were the biggest the […]