Before the world, err, year, ends, Apple is announcing its iTunes Best of 2012 apps to wrap up the year. Do note that this isn’t a first, since Apple also presented the best apps on iTunes last year via the catchy iTunes Rewind moniker. For this year, Apple is opting to use the much simpler “Best” title to drive home the purpose of announcing it in the first place. And the best iPhone app of the year award goes to Action Movie FX, a free app that lets users add Hollywood FX to movies on the iPhone and iPad. Bagging the Game of the Year award is Ubisoft’s $2.99-value Rayman Jungle Run.

On the other hand, the iPad App of the Year award goes to Paper by FiftyThree, a free drawing app that lets users capture ideas in the form of sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes, and drawings. The Game of the Year for the iPad is awarded to Fireproof Studios’s The Room. Meanwhile, the best-selling paid app of the year goes to Rovio’s Angry Birds Space while the best-selling free app for the iPhone is Google’s YouTube, and the best-selling free app for the iPad is Skype. It’s too bad Google re-launched its Google Maps for iOS pretty late. It could have been awarded as well.

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