There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Diablo 3 possibly making its way onto the console, and probably the most official statement regarding the matter is one from Blizzard’s Rob Pardo who was recently quoted as saying, “We’re still kind of exploring it,” which is by no means a confirmation that a console version of Diablo 3 is in the works for a release in the near future. According to Pardo, it seems that Blizzard has been testing builds of Diablo 3 on consoles, although he did not specify which console it was, but as it stands, it’s not that far along to make it an official project although he did mention that it was looking pretty cool.

Given that Diablo 3 was released a while back for PCs, we have to wonder if a console version of Diablo would be based on Diablo 3, or if it might be far along enough to be the next-gen Diablo, or perhaps console gamers might even get their own version of Diablo! Either way it’s too early to speculate, but what do you guys think of Diablo making its way onto the console? It might go from being a click-fest to being a mash-fest!

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