By now, you probably experienced enough travel headaches to last you another year now that both Thanksgiving and other major holidays are over. Many of you probably traveled by plane, train or automobile to get back home to spend the holidays with your loved ones, and not-so loved ones, too. Traveling to your home probably became an all-day ordeal, but if you were riding by China’s newest high-speed railway, you probably could have been there and back in the same day.

China’s high-speed railway takes travelers from Beijing, which is located in there northern part of the country, all the way down to Guangzhou in the south covering a total of 1,428 miles at 186MPH. A ticket to ride the new railway isn’t cheap as it’ll cost approximately $139 for the full trip from Beijing to Guangzhou, but the travel time has been severely cut down from 20 hours to 8 hours. And 8 hours would be perfect if you’d like to catch up on your sleep, but it’ll have to be done during the day as the line currently doesn’t offer overnight service.

If you need to travel from Beijing to Guangzhou in as little time as possible, air travel is still the best option, but for those folks who don’t want to spend more money for a flight as well as worry about more security, China’s new railway seems to be the way to go.

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