Apple’s iPhone Was The Top-Selling Phone During Alibaba’s Singles Day

Over the years, Apple has been losing ground to Chinese companies who have been successful at making phones at great prices, but also come with competitive specs and features. A good example would be Huawei who managed to beat Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone company.

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Sales Pulls In Over $20 Billion In Under 24 Hours

For the past few years over in China, various retailers in the country would celebrate what is known as “Singles’ Day” on the 11th of November (11/11). Given the amount of sales it generates, it has managed to garner the attention from the rest of the world, which in turn has resulted in retailers in other countries also adopting a similar sales.

Chinese Headmaster Fired For Using School’s Power For Cryptomining

Mining for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum requires a lot of mining machines which obviously require a lot of power. A school headmaster thought he had found a way to continue mining for Ethereum without racking up his power bill. He just hooked up the machines to his school’s electricity supply which was obviously not allowed. He was fired once the machines were discovered.

China Can Now Identify Citizens Based On How They Walk

Over in China, the country’s government has deployed certain hi-tech measures to track people in the country, such as by using facial recognition systems to identify wanted suspects who might still be at large. Now it looks like things will be getting harder for wanted criminals as authorities have recently begun to use a new method of surveillance: gait recognition.


China Showcases Its New ‘Heavenly Palace’ Space Station

Now that the International Space Station’s days are numbered, China is looking to take the lead on a permanently crewed space station. The country today unveiled its new “Heavenly Palace” space station which would replace the orbiting laboratory that’s backed by the international community.

Tencent To Use ID Verification To Limit Game Time For Kids

Spending too much time on our phones is not a good thing, especially for children who might be more impressionable at a younger age. Now phone makers have come up with ways to help parents manage screen time, although it seems that kids are pretty smart when it comes to finding ways around it.

Ford To Test Self-Driving Cars In China With Baidu

Ford is one of the many major car manufacturers working on autonomous cars and Baidu is one of the many tech companies working on this technology. The two have now decided to team up in order to test self-driving cars on roads in China. The tests will be part of a new two year project between the companies.

New $150 Million Factory Will Have Robots Building Other Robots

Swiss engineering group ABB is one of the largest industrial robot makers in the country. It has announced plans for a new factory in China which will cost $150 million. It will be a modern plant equipped with sophisticated robots which will be used to manufacture other robots.

Super Micro Reviewing Hardware For Chinese Spy Chips

It was reported recently that Chinese spy agencies that put chips inside Super Micro’s hardware to spy on Western technology companies like Apple and Amazon. The claims have been denied by those companies and Super Micro itself. The Taiwanese-American founded computer company has said in a letter to its customers that it’s now reviewing its hardware to find any trace of the alleged Chinese spy chips.

No Chinese Spy Chips Found On Servers, Says U.S. Intelligence Head

It was reported earlier this month by Bloomberg that the Chinese had carried out a hardware hack on major U.S. tech companies like Amazon and Apple. Chinese server company Super Micro reportedly fitted surveillance micro-chips on data center hardware used by these companies. The US director of national intelligence Dan Coats has now said that no evidence has been found to suggest that any of this ever happened.

Google CEO Addresses Rumors Of A China Search Engine

Despite Google being a huge force in multiple international markets, there is one market that they have yet to break through, and that is China. Due to China’s strict regulations and censorship laws, Google pulled out from the country in 2010, although there were rumors from earlier this year suggesting that Google could be getting back in.

China To Get Exclusive Pink Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

About a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft launched the Surface Laptop 2. This is the latest laptop from Microsoft and it comes in a new matte black finish. However it seems that over in China, Microsoft has prepared an exclusive color in the form of pink, which we can only assume will appeal to customers in that region.

Potential New iPad Models Registered In China

It is largely believed that Apple will be announcing new iPads later this month. Given that we haven’t seen any refresh of the iPad Pro lineup this year, it stands to reason that a refresh could indeed be on its way before the end of the year, and October is as good a time as any, especially if Apple wants the new tablets to be ready in time for the […]

Security Expert Casts Doubt On Apple China Spy Chip Story

Last week there was a report from Bloomberg claiming that China had slipped spy chips into Apple’s iCloud servers, a story that Apple has refuted multiple times not only to the public, but in a letter to the US Congress as well. So far intelligence agencies seem to agree with Apple’s denials, although Bloomberg is sticking to their story, claiming that they have multiple sources who all them the same […]