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OnePlus To Disable ‘X-ray’ Camera Feature Over Privacy Concerns
The other day we reported that it was discovered one of the features of the OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera is the ability for it to gain “X-ray vision” through one of the filters. This basically utilized the camera’s infrared sensors to create an effect, in which one of the side-effects was that it could see through very thin pieces of plastic and clothing.

Chinese Doctors Find A Potential COVID-19 Cure That Does Not Require A Vaccine
Right now the world is waiting on a vaccine to be developed to help fight against the COVID-19 virus once and for all. At the moment, doctors just have to treat the symptoms as they arise, meaning that the treatment for patients will differ depending on what kind of symptoms they are displaying.

Facial Recognition Helped Reunite A Kidnap Victim With His Family 32 Years Later
Facial recognition technology has gained quite a bit of a bad rep due to potential privacy concerns. However, over in China, it seems that the technology has a pretty happy story because it managed to reunite a kidnapped victim with his family after having been abducted 32 years ago.

Huawei P30 Pro New Edition Lets The Company Bypass The US Trade Ban
Huawei is currently not allowed to do business with US businesses and vice versa as a result of being placed on the US Entity List. However, before being placed on the list, the company had released the Huawei P30 series in 2019 which was the last remaining Huawei phone to continue offering access to Google Play Services.


A Chinese Rocket Just Crashed Uncontrollably Back To Earth
Thanks to our Earth’s atmosphere, a lot of space junk and meteors burn up during entry, thus protecting the rest of us from any real major damage. However, sometimes things don’t always go to plan, such as the case when part of a Chinese rocket re-entered our atmosphere and did not burn up completely.

Report Claims Xiaomi’s Devices Are Collecting Data On Its Users
We do a lot on our phones these days, such as texting, calling, and surfing the web. Some of us even use it for work where we might access sensitive information that we don’t want others to see. Unfortunately for Xiaomi users, it seems that a report from Forbes has revealed that the company’s devices are apparently collecting browsing data on its users.

Razer Opus Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones Announced
Razer’s products tend to have a more gamer-centric design, which typically means rather bold designs with a ton of RGB. However, if you don’t really like such flashy designs, it seems that the company has opted for a more subdued approach with its latest pair of headsets in the form of the Razer Opus.

Chinese Students Revive Ancient Song Dynasty Fashion To Practice Social Distancing
In the recent months, we’ve come across videos of people coming with creative ways to practice social distancing, such putting on bulky costumes and contraptions that literally make it impossible for people to come within at least 1 meter of their personal space. Now it looks like elementary school students in China are doing the same.

Chinese Startup Wants To Sell Its COVID-19 Detection Glasses In The US
Thermal scanners aren’t anything new, and in the past we have seen how the tech has been deployed at places like airports to detect if people flying in have a fever. Now it looks like the technology is being used in wearables like smart glasses, and this is exactly what Chinese company Rokid is trying to sell to the US.

Researchers Discover That Some Zoom Calls Were Routed To China
Zoom just can’t seem to catch a break. Recently according to a report from the security researchers at Citizen Lab, they discovered that some Zoom calls were being routed through China. These were calls that were made in North America, but yet for some reason were being sent through China.

A 2014 Flu Medicine Developed By Japan Might Be Effective Against The Coronavirus
The race is currently on to develop effective treatment and a vaccine against the coronavirus, whose outbreak has been causing a lot of panic and fear around the world. However, it seems that there might already be a medicine out there that could actually be rather effective against the coronavirus.

Alibaba’s AI System Can Detect Coronavirus In Seconds With High Accuracy
So we’ve seen the use of AI in the medical sector where it is designed to pick up and detect things that humans might miss. Now it looks like that AI is being applied to the current pandemic, the coronavirus. This is thanks to Chinese tech giant Alibaba who recently developed an AI system that can detect the coronavirus in patients.

iPad Stock In China is Running Low As More People Are Staying At Home
As the coronavirus has forced people to stay home to work or either study, in a bid to help prevent the spread of the virus, it seems that some companies are actually standing to gain from this pandemic. Apple is one of those companies where according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, the iPad is running out of stock in China.

iPhone Sales In China Have Dropped By More Than 50%
The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc around the world where it has not only infected thousands, it has also killed quite a number of people who were infected as well. However, it also has huge implications for businesses, where many are suffering as a result of the virus, such as airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, and so on.