China Thinks That Cloning Police Dogs Will Be More Efficient

No two people are alike because we all have different upbringings, different opinions, a different set of morals and ethics, and so on. However there is a question of if we were to clone a person, would the clone be exactly the same as the original? We suppose we’ll never really know, but over in China, that’s what they’re trying to do with police dogs.

Google Is Banning VPN Ads In China

China maintains a tight grip on the internet in its country. VPNs are used to bypass such restrictions and access the open internet but they’re not allowed in the country. To that end, Google has been banning ads for VPN products that target users in China.

iPhone Prices Are Reportedly Being Slashed Again In China To Spur Sales

Demand for the iPhone in China seems to be weak and it is unclear if it could be due to the price simply being too high, or if it could be due to the trade war between both countries. Price cuts were then introduced to help spur sales, which some seem to believe could be working, but perhaps it isn’t working as well as Apple would have liked.

Google Refutes Report That They Are Still Working On A Censored Search Engine

Last year it was reported that Google was working on a special/customized version of its search engine designed specifically for the Chinese market. It would be a search engine that would censor certain topics in line with the Chinese government’s regulations. Given how big China’s market is, it wasn’t really a surprise to see Google want to make their way back in.


Apple Rumored To Be Preparing Red iPhones Exclusive To China

Apple’s CEO has recently acknowledged that demand for the iPhone is weak and that China is one of the markets that the company is struggling in. However it seems that the company might have a way to turn things around by pandering to the Chinese market by launching a red iPhone XS and XS Max.

iPhone Sales Are Up In China Following Price Cuts

A recent report revealed that iPhone shipments to China are down by 22%. This more or less echoes what Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said when he acknowledged the weakening demand for the iPhone, which seemed to be extra prevalent in China. However it seems that sales for the iPhone in China could be on the rise again.

Apple Employee Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Apple’s Self-Driving Car Secrets

Apple’s self-driving car project has remained a mystery for years ever since it was revealed that the company was working on it. This is because Apple has not really talked much about it, and also the company is notorious for being very secretive with their projects. However it seems that the company’s secrets almost got leaked by an industry spy.

Microsoft’s Bing Now Accessible In China Again

It was previously reported that Microsoft’s Bing had suddenly stopped working in China. It was suggested that it was due to DNS corruption, which apparently is one of the ways that the Chinese government goes about censoring websites in China. However it seems that this could have really been nothing more than just a technical issue.

iPhone Shipments To China Are Down By 22%

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had recently confirmed that demand for the iPhone is weaker than they expected, and that a market that they’re seeing the most weakness in is China. It is unclear why that might be as there could be several reasons, such as cheaper alternatives from local brands, and the ongoing trade war between the US and China which could prompt locals to support Chinese brands.

Microsoft Confirms That Bing Is Inaccessible In China

Western companies who are trying to break into the Chinese market are usually forced to adapt to a new way of doing business, where they would need to comply with the regulations laid out by the Chinese government which can be very different from what they might be used to in the west.

In China You’ll Soon Be Able To Use An App To See Debtors Around You

It was reported not too long ago that China plans on implementing a social credit system for its citizens. This will basically assign citizens a “score” based on their life, where if you have run-ins with the law, or are known to break the rules, spread misinformation online, and so on, your scores will be reflected as much.

China’s Lunar Lander Sprouts Cotton On The Moon

China recently sent up a Moon lander which is going to collect data and conduct experiments on the lunar surface. It has conducted an experiment which marks the first time that humans have grown plants on the Moon. The lander was able to successfully sprout small cotton plants as part of a biological experiment. Flowers and other plants have previously been grown in Earth orbit, though.

Apple Has Reportedly Slashed The Prices Of Its iPhones In China

Recently it was reported that Apple was facing weak demand for its iPhones particularly in China where some have speculated could have been due to the trade war. So much so that according to a report from China’s National Business Daily (via 9to5Mac), Apple has apparently slashed the prices of its iPhones in the country.

Shenzhen’s Taxi Fleet Goes Fully Electric As Well

One of China’s biggest cities, Shenzhen, is a global business hub. It has taken significant steps to adopt public transportation that’s not powered by conventional fuels. The city has the world’s largest fully electric bus fleet, more than 16,000 buses that ply its roads run on electric motors. Almost all of the city’s taxis are now electric as well.