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A 2014 Flu Medicine Developed By Japan Might Be Effective Against The Coronavirus
The race is currently on to develop effective treatment and a vaccine against the coronavirus, whose outbreak has been causing a lot of panic and fear around the world. However, it seems that there might already be a medicine out there that could actually be rather effective against the coronavirus.

Alibaba’s AI System Can Detect Coronavirus In Seconds With High Accuracy
So we’ve seen the use of AI in the medical sector where it is designed to pick up and detect things that humans might miss. Now it looks like that AI is being applied to the current pandemic, the coronavirus. This is thanks to Chinese tech giant Alibaba who recently developed an AI system that can detect the coronavirus in patients.

iPad Stock In China is Running Low As More People Are Staying At Home
As the coronavirus has forced people to stay home to work or either study, in a bid to help prevent the spread of the virus, it seems that some companies are actually standing to gain from this pandemic. Apple is one of those companies where according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, the iPad is running out of stock in China.

iPhone Sales In China Have Dropped By More Than 50%
The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc around the world where it has not only infected thousands, it has also killed quite a number of people who were infected as well. However, it also has huge implications for businesses, where many are suffering as a result of the virus, such as airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, and so on.


Kids In Wuhan Are Finding Clever Ways Of Skipping Their Homework Amidst Coronavirus
Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, is more or less under lockdown, where residents have been advised to stay at home to help prevent the virus from spreading unnecessarily. As a result, many schools are closed and kids are sent home. However, this doesn’t mean that kids are getting an extended holiday.

WeChat Found To Be Censoring Messages About The Coronavirus
When it comes to censorship and China, by now most of us probably shouldn’t be surprised at the country’s practices. In the past, they have censored various words or phrases on social media platforms that might be deemed as being negative towards the government, and now it looks like they’re doing the same with the coronavirus.

Air Pollution In China Has Decreased Drastically Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
The coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing despite our best attempts to contain it. As a result, many places have been locked down and people have been sent home in quarantine. Photos out of China have depicted Wuhan, which is the epicenter for the virus, as a ghost town as many business have shut down and residents sent home.

Apple Sending iPad Care Packages To Its Employees Stranded In China
As far as the coronavirus outbreak is concerned, China is the worst hit amongst all the countries in the world. It’s not surprising given that the disease appears to have originated from there. This has greatly impacted many companies around the world as many rely on China and its factories for production.

Coronavirus Reportedly Causes iPad Demand In China To Surge
Apple’s iPad has long dominated the tablet scene, but it seems that recently over in China, there has been a surge in demand for them. This is according to a report from DigiTimes who claims that there is an increase in demand for tablets over in the region due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Top TikTok Stars Could Earn As Much As $1 Million Per Post
Remember back in the day when bloggers could earn a ton of money for sponsored posts? This later moved on to social media platforms, where those who were particularly popular on platforms like Instagram could also earn a lot of money, but now it looks like we’re moving on to a new platform: TikTok.

Coronavirus Could Hit The Smartphone Industry Hard
As many of you are aware by now, the coronavirus outbreak has impacted the world in more ways than one. Travel has been affected, people have died, and of course the market has also been affected where companies have been forced to suspend operations to help prevent further spreading of the virus.

Apple Warns Of iPhone Supply Shortages Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in China, many factories have since been forced to shut down. Also, due to people getting sick or being suspected of having the virus, many are being quarantined which ultimately affects the workforce. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Apple has since issued a warning about potential iPhone supply shortages.

China’s Baidu To Use AI To Identify People Not Wearing Face Masks
With the coronavirus outbreak still going on, many organizations and governments around the world have advised people to wear face masks to help prevent themselves from getting sick. However, over in China, it has become mandatory for people to wear masks in certain regions, especially when out in public areas like malls, restaurants, on public transport, and so on.

China Is Literally Washing Its Cash To Sanitize It Of The Coronavirus
At the moment, there is no official cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, although there have been efforts made by researchers that seem to show promise. Unfortunately until a vaccine can be found, the only thing to do is to try and keep ourselves as healthy as possible and practicing good hygiene.