China’s Lunar Lander Sprouts Cotton On The Moon

China recently sent up a Moon lander which is going to collect data and conduct experiments on the lunar surface. It has conducted an experiment which marks the first time that humans have grown plants on the Moon. The lander was able to successfully sprout small cotton plants as part of a biological experiment. Flowers and other plants have previously been grown in Earth orbit, though.

Apple Has Reportedly Slashed The Prices Of Its iPhones In China

Recently it was reported that Apple was facing weak demand for its iPhones particularly in China where some have speculated could have been due to the trade war. So much so that according to a report from China’s National Business Daily (via 9to5Mac), Apple has apparently slashed the prices of its iPhones in the country.

Shenzhen’s Taxi Fleet Goes Fully Electric As Well

One of China’s biggest cities, Shenzhen, is a global business hub. It has taken significant steps to adopt public transportation that’s not powered by conventional fuels. The city has the world’s largest fully electric bus fleet, more than 16,000 buses that ply its roads run on electric motors. Almost all of the city’s taxis are now electric as well.

Exclusive New Year Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones For China Revealed

China is an extremely important market for Apple, so much so that following weak demand for the iPhone in the country, Apple had to slash its revenue estimates. Bad news aside, it seems that over in China Apple has recently taken the wraps off their latest Beats Solo3 wireless headphones, which has been given an exclusive design for the Chinese market.


Chinese Company Makes An Electric Car That Costs $9,000

Thanks to companies like Tesla, there is this impressions that electric cars are expensive, although to be fair other car makers don’t price them that cheap either. However it seems that China might have the answer to that problem in the form of the ORA R1 from Great Wall Motor, an electric car that costs about $9,000.

China Probe Chang’e Successfully Lands On The Far Side Of The Moon

Back in 2016, China had expressed their interest in landing on the moon, but not the part which other countries have landed on, but rather the dark side of the moon. Now it looks like they might have been successful in doing so, according to reports where it was revealed that the country’s Chang’e probe made a successful landing on the far side of the moon.

China To Use Facial Recogniton To Curb Public Housing Abuse

China seems to love their facial recognition technology. The country has deployed it for use to help identify and catch wanted criminals, and they’ve also used it to identify students who are not paying attention and might be napping in class. Now it looks like they plan to use the technology again to help curb public housing abuse.

Chinese Schools Are Tracking Students’ Location With ‘Smart Uniforms’

Schools in China have started using a new method to keep an eye on the whereabouts of their students. The method would certainly cause privacy-conscious people to raise their eyebrows. The schools are using “smart uniforms” which are equipped with chips to track their students’ whereabouts. This is reportedly being done to encourage improved attendance rates.

Some Chinese Companies Threaten To Fire Employees Who Use iPhones

Recently there was a report about how Apple could continue to face struggles in terms of iPhone sales over in China, where it was reported that apparently some Chinese companies in a bid to support Huawei, would offer employees subsidies if they were to buy Huawei phones instead of iPhones.

China’s WeChat Is Now Introducing Its Own ‘Stories’ Feature

Snapchat was the first to introduce Stories, a feature that allowed users to share posts like photos that would then disappear after a set period of time. Facebook then decided to “borrow” the feature and apply it across its various services like Facebook itself, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Lenovo Thinkplus Pods One Headphones Launched

Lenovo is known for their computers and to a certain extent, their smartphones. However it seems that Lenovo could be getting into making headphones as well. The company has recently launched the Thinkplus Pods One headphones which are a pair of wireless headphones that appears to be designed for fitness enthusiasts.

195 Billion Pixel Image Of Shanghai Shows Incredible Detail

It’s still not too common to see multi-gigapixel images but they are gradually becoming so. Such images can cover incredible distances and include exceptional details which can be revealed by zooming in. China’s Jingkun Technology a.k.a Bigpixel Studio has captured a 195 billion pixel image of Shanghai which shows incredible detail.

Huawei Commits $2 Billion For Cybersecurity To Address Concerns

Huawei’s network equipment business has come under a lot of pressure recently. It continues to be the target of allegations that the networking products may allow the Chinese state to spy on their targets. The United States and some of its allies have started to effectively ban Huawei’s equipment from networks in their countries. The company has always denied the allegations and it’s now making a $2 billion commitment for […]

Baidu Harnesses Unity Engine To Tests Its Self-Driving Cars

Unity is the video game engine that many gamers might have seen and played, even if they might not necessarily know its name. It is the engine that powers games such as Cuphead, Monument Valley 2, and Hearthstone, just to name a few, and now it looks like Baidu has taken the engine and is using it to test their self-driving cars.