Google Employees Are Reportedly Protesting Censored Search Engine In China

Recently there have been reports that Google wants to get back into China and one of the ways they are planning to do so is to launch a censored search engine. This is to comply with government regulations on what kind of topics are allowed to be discussed on the internet, and apparently Google’s employees are not having it.

Moto P30 Officially Launched In China

The other thanks to a leaked render, a certain Moto P30 handset was revealed to be the company’s upcoming smartphone. It turns out the leaks were right on the money because over in China, the Moto P30 has been officially launched with a design that seems to be causing some mixed feelings.

Google Might Have Been Working On Their Return To China For Years

For many years, many tech companies and web services were not allowed in China or have voluntarily withdrawn themselves from the country, such is the case with Google who has been absent in the country for the past decade. However recently there have been talks that Google is planning on making a return, and apparently this has been in the works for years.

Baidu Says They Will Beat Google Even If They Return To China

If the rumors are true, Google is apparently planning to make a return to China where they will launch a censored version of its search engine to appease the local government. However given Google’s absence in the country for as long as it has been, obviously the competition has managed to fill that gap.


Senators Want To Question Google About Their Plans To Relaunch In China

For almost a decade, Google has been conspicuously absent from China. This includes all of Google’s products and services such as search, Gmail, and so on, and to a certain extent even Android where Android devices in China are essentially forked versions of Android with Google’s services stripped from it.

Dual SIM iPhone Could Be Exclusive To China

Recently thanks to hints spotted in the latest iOS 12 beta, it was suggested that Apple could be working on bringing dual SIM functionality to their iPhones. However it was not mentioned as to whether or not this could be a feature available to all iPhone models, or if it could be limited to certain models, and for certain markets.

Apple Working With Chinese Carriers To Reduce Spam

Recently you might have heard reports of how Chinese state-run media have leveled accusations and criticisms against Apple for not doing enough to fight against spam, where it seems that iPhone users in the country were receiving messages for illegal content such as gambling and pornography.

Chinese Man Tries To Save $3 By Washing Car In River, Fails

Dirty cars don’t look good which is why so many of us labor to wash our cars once or twice in the week. We opt to get our cars washed as well when they require more thorough cleaning from the professionals. Obviously, you’ll have to pay them for that but this Chinese man decided to save the $3 he would have spent on getting the car washed by trying to […]

Censored Google Search Reportedly Being Prepared For China

Many of Google’s services remain blocked in China. Its core service, Google Search, was shut down by the company in 2010 due to the government’s attempts to “limit free speech on the web,” the company said back then. According to a new report, Google wants to return to China and is developing a censored search engine for the country. The China-specific Google Search will block websites such as Wikipedia and […]

China Uses VR To Gauge Success Of Drug Rehab Patients

Virtual reality has all kinds of uses, such as for gaming, entertainment, and can also be used to treat phobias. Now it seems that over in China, a new pilot program has been launched where drug rehab centers are testing out how using VR could potentially be used to gauge how well a patient’s drug rehab program is going.

Apple Reportedly Commands 8% Of China’s Smartphone Market

While there are some markets in which Apple dominates in, there are others in which the company is struggling. A good example would be in China in which according to recent data shared by Counterpoint Research, has revealed the extent in which the competition is besting Apple in the country.

China’s ‘Laser AK-47’ Can Set Skin On Fire From A Kilometer Away

Laser weapons have long been a fixture in science fiction but recent developments suggest that the technology is actively being developed for military use. According to a new report, China has developed a “laser AK-47” which is capable of setting human skin on fire from a kilometer (0.6 miles) away.

U.S. Planning To Restrict Chinese Investment In Tech Companies

Companies based in the United States that have “industrially significant technology” may soon be essentially off limits to Chinese buyouts as the U.S. Treasury Department is drafting curbs which would prevent companies that have at least 25 percent Chinese ownership from buying such firms. The comments from this unnamed government official were echoed by a report in the Wall Street Journal as well.

China To Ease Internet Controls In One Province For Tourism

China maintains a tight control over the internet in its borders and only the services that are allowed by the government can operate in the mainland. Services used by people across the globe such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google are not accessible in China but that might change for the Chinese province of Hainan where the company is reportedly going to ease the internet controls to promote tourism.