Apple’s “Find My iPhone” application has been quite the thief deterrent seeing how users can track down their stolen iOS devices, and even their Macs, simply by logging in to the application and choosing which Apple device you’d like to track. But those of you who enjoy taking justice into their own hands have been guessing where exactly your stolen property is by placing a spot in your Maps app and hoping it takes you to the right place. Now that Apple has rolled out a new update to its Find My iPhone app, you won’t have to guess where it is any longer.

Within the Find My iPhone application, users can now receive driving directions to where their stolen or missing property is by tapping a car icon, which will then launch the Maps application with driving directions to the location. Now you won’t have to guesstimate where your goods are, but you will have to guesstimate who exactly has your device, which we hope you actually go to the scene of the crime with an officer and not your buddy Keith who says he knows Kung-Fu, when he actually is just a big fan of the Karate Kid.

The Find My iPhone driving directions update is now available to download in the App Store and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6 and above.

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